Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 1 Recap – “While I Wait For You”

You going to die!
You going to die!

You! Yes you! You’re going to die tonight! WOOOOOOO

Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 1 Recap – “While I Wait For You”

In the long line of mysterious transfer students with odd powers, comes Brynhildr In The Darkness. In the opening flashback, Murakami’s childhood friend Kuroneko insists that she has met aliens. Murakami isn’t convinced so she tells him that she’ll show him proof, but on the way she falls to her death in an accident. Over the following years, Murakami makes it his mission to discover proof of alien existence, as a promise to her memory. Plot point notice: he doesn’t actually know her real name, but he remembers her 3 star birthmark just under her armpit. Travelling to present day, a new transfer student joins Murakami’s high school, whom not only looks like Kuroneko, but introduces herself as Kuroha Neko. Also, she randomly tells you that you are going to die.

Interesting tone in the opening song?
Interesting tone in the opening song?

During gym class at the pool Kuroha has a premonition that 2 people will die today, and one of the girls inside the pool proceeds to get her leg caught in a water jet. She is saved in a mysterious fashion though, by the concrete around the pool getting impacted. Later, Murakami is looking through the telescope at the observatory when Kuroha shows up to announce to him his imminent death.

It appears that she is getting the information from an unidentified girl at an undisclosed location. She warns Murakami that if he gets on the bus at the normal time he’ll die – no scratch that – if he doesn’t get on the bus then he’ll die – no wait…. Just stay here tonight and don’t leave. This was mildly funny to see the death prediction changing several times over, and it was obvious from the get go that this would be a show that wouldn’t take itself too seriously (at least, not yet).


He ignores the advice and leaves the observatory, but only to prove is she was wrong or right. Suddenly there’s a Rock Slide (Onix, how could you!) but Kuroha jumps in to split the boulder in half. She then tells Murakami that she is a Witch, but he’s too focused on her missing birthmark. Is she really the same Kuroneko?

It was an interesting mix of first crush/high school romance and then action/sci-fi for the opening episode. It was also remarkable restrained for an Arms production, the studio behind Ikki Tousen, Elfen Lied, and Master of Martial Hearts. There was only one quick moment of fanservice and the only blood was in the opening theme song. This could change over time of course, but I’m hoping it doesn’t. I was definitely NOT a fan of any of the aforementioned shows.

bumper art

The whole birthmark plot point was a bit clumsily introduced, but not to any significant detriment. It’s a promising start, let’s hope it doesn’t go downhill, like Wizard Barristers (another Arms production) did last season! There’s also that troubling “harem” descriptor to be wary of…

Interest Level: Medium High


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