Captain Earth Episode 1 Recap – “Earthengine open fire”

first look at Earth EngineUse the Grabmeonic Thrustvalves of Splatise!

Captain Earth Episode 1 Recap – “Earthengine open fire”

From Bones studio comes one of this seasons mech shows, and while it wasn’t anything amazingly bad, it just feels a bit samey to the usual mech/robot fighting in space fare.

Daichi Manatsu’s grades have been slipping in his classes because he hasn’t been able to find any enjoyment in school work. There’s something else he wants to do with his life, but he just doesn’t know it yet. One of his teachers chastises him and asks if he ever thinks about becoming someone like his father. We learn that Daichi is indeed adopted, as his guardian (an old friend of his father’s) jumps in to say Daichi has no plans take the same path whatsoever, end of question. Apparently Daichi’s father died in an accident in space, though let’s just say that the show leaves it open enough that he could be still alive. I’m just saying, we never see a body. For all we know he could just be in plot limbo for now.

After heading to his friend Kagawa’s house, Daichi is distracted by a news story covering a mysterious rainbow colored ring. It appears that he knows the source of it. We then get a flashback to when young Daichi made freinds with Teppei Arashi, a mysterious boy he meets outside what looks like an abandoned facility. The keep trying to one up each other for ownership of a necklace, until Teppei emanates a rainbow energy ring from his hand.

Look ma, no hands
Look ma, no hands

Back in present day, Daichi visits his father’s grave, where his guardian mutters “your father was a great Captain,” triggering an urge in Daichi to return to that facilit. He then remembers the night Teppei introduced him to a girl floating in a bubble, only to be caught by unseen military like forces. Once inside, Daichi meets and follows a small, mute blue haired child who leads him down to the basement. She then points to the sky and he is teleported into a room where a scientist looking fellow asks him demandly if he is a Captain. A pistol has appeared in his hand out of nowhere, which is taken to be a sign that yes, he indeed is a Captain. In between this, we cut away to Teppei lying in a bed, in appears to be some pain. He could turn out to be the powerful, but too weak to do anything character of the series, which always serves to aggravate me.


In space, aliens from Uranus named Kiltgung are attacking Earth’s defenses and we are introduced really quickly to a whole bunch of characters, some of whom aren’t even given names yet. Though, it’s pretty easy to tell who’s evil and who’s not to be honest. A female Uranusian (uhm…ya..let’s go with that) named Moco attacks with her Mech, which is naturally, pink as all hell.

Back on Earth, Daichi is fitted into the mech Earth Engine and blasts off (over a lengthy sequence with lots of mumbo jumbo and transformation sequences) into space to fight the giant pink monstrosity. Teppei rushes into the command center (managed by Daichi’s guardian) to see the battle just about to begin as the episode ends.

Yup, he's evil
Yup, he’s evil

Even though the discovery element of the episode felt REALLY rushed, it was an ok first episode. Nothing too out of the ordinary for a mech show, but good enough not to be noticeably bad. I have to say though, the terminology was hilarious. Some examples of gobbledigook being thrown around were stuff like “Albion Rainbow”, “Machine Goodfellow”, “high density libido charge” (wink wink nudge nudge), “abreaction standby”, and “orgone energy”. I’m interested enough to keep going for now though!

Interest Level: Medium

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