Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 1 Recap – “The Girl Who Bears The Coffin”

unicorns are bitchesUnicorns be massive psychopaths, yo…

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 1 Recap – “The Girl Who Bears The Coffin”

Ok, so back story time. It’s 1604 on the continent of Verbist, where a three generation long war has finally ended with the fall of the Gaz Empire. Along with the regular soldiers, wizards, saboteurs, mercenaries, beasts and dragons also participated in the war to bring down the Empire. Now that the fighting is finished, Toru Acura is an employed and penniless former soldier living in the woods(who for once is not a teenage character!). Out foraging for food, he runs into a girl with a coffin, and she appears to be running from something.

At first she thinks he is trying to attack her, but he assures her that he’s not going to do so. She confesses to being lost in the forest, and that he named is Chaika Trabant. The pre-open sequence showed us Chaika as a young girl, about to be attacked by a large looming figure cloaked in shadow, saying that she must die. In the present, she asks Toru if he can help her get out of the woods and he agrees to – but only if she buys him food for it.


Straight away, we notice that Chaika speaks very oddly, like someone who doesn’t speak the Native language. I don’t usually like uses internet memes as references, but in this case, she talks like Doge would, in the body of a teenage girl in a battle maid outfit. My personal favorite of the episode was “Sane. Need. Any Cost.” I’m not buying that you are sane at all, kid.

Imakill yoo Unicorn
Imakill yoo Unicorn

At that moment, a unicorn appears in the forest and the two quickly try to make their escape. Once they find they can’t slip away, Toru reveals his Saboteur powers and defends against the rabid unicorn. Because unicorns are evil bitches, don’tcha know. Chaika reveals her magic gun (a Gundo) from inside the coffin and after an even fight, she bisects the unicorn in half. The action wasn’t over the top, and still exciting enough!

At an inn, Toru is scarfing down food, when his sister Akari, also a Saboteur, storms in and trashes the place, because he never returned with any food. That and he can’t get a job. Include various nods and murmurs of disapproval from the inn crowd. Back at the creek, a man with markings on his face and an owl on his shoulder surveys the Gundo’s work. At the inn, Chaika then convinces the two siblings to help her out in her mission, though she hasn’t told them quite what it is yet.

It's wine not blood lol
It’s wine not blood lol

Elsewhere, a young man by the name of Alberic Gilette and his family members visit a nobleman responsible for aiding in the war. They ask him to surrender his source of power and he of course, refuses to do so. In private, they wonder why the man was so important to the war, since he didn’t seem all that battle trained. The man with the markings is also part of their group and it appears he sent the unicorn after them. Also, random gender confusing cat person.

Bad guy?
Bad guy?

The nobleman goes to check on his power source, a hand floating in a vial, with several nails sticking out of it. At the same time, the siblings and Chaika are sneaking into the mansion. After some hijinks, they make it inside, only to be attacked by the owner, who reveals that he is a wizard. The scoring for the whole section was done really well, as it make it so much more tense.

When Chaika enters the battle, the male wizard stops dead in his tracks, and points to her, yelling “You should be dead!”

This was really enjoyable to watch and I enjoyed the character interactions, especially between the two siblings, Toru and Akari. The cat guy/girl could be an annoying character down the line, but none of the others gave off negative vibes. The action was well paced and the underlying score set the scene capably. This is one to keep an eye on in my opinion.

Interest Level: High

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