One Week Friends Episode 1 Recap – “Beginning of a Friendship”



One Week Friends Episode 1 Recap – “Beginning of a Friendship”

As expected, this show is a giant bundle of cuteness and sadness. The characters are beyond adorable, but we all know of the impending sadness that is going to come later in the series. One Week Friends follows the friendship and first crush between Yuki Hase and Kaori Fujimiya. The catch is that Kaori forgets all her memories on the Monday of every new week.

We open on Monday, where Hase notices that Fujimiya is always by herself and never tries to make friends with any of their classmates. When he asks her if he can be friends with her she replies with “I’d appreciate it, but I can’t.” His friend Shogo tells him that she eats lunch on the roof every day, she Hase meets her up there. She appears to have a nagging cough though…

It’s here you can notice that every scene is shot in extremely soft focus, in case you would think this is anything but a romance series. It is a bit on the nose, but not distracting to the point where it ruins the atmosphere.

On Tuesday, Hase joins her for lunch but she rejects his friend proposal once again. Hase figures out that she was faking her cough though, to drive him away. He suggests that they “dont have to be friends, but we can just eat lunch together.” You sly fox, hiding behind that innocence.

Romance is in the air...or is just lunch?
Romance is in the air…or is just lunch?

Come Wednesday, Hase is informed by his teacher that he might fail math. Since he might be late for lunch, he rushes out of the meeting with the teacher to the rooftop. Tipping over the aww meter, it turns out she hasn’t started eating yet, because she wanted to wait for him.

In their Thursday rooftop discussion, Fujimiya suggests a visit the crepe place her mother takes her too all the time. All seems well until on Friday, when she tells him that by Monday morning, she will tragically have forgotten all memories of him and others, expect for her own family.

Saturday is the day of moping, as both Fujimiya and Hase contemplate what Monday will bring. I love Hase’s friend Shogo’s reaction to the whole thing. In his words, “so corny!!” XD. At least the series can poke fun at itself.

my memories will disappear

Monday comes and it’s appears that she has no idea who Hase is. He resolves to tell her on the Monday of every week “I’d like for us to be friends,” just so she won’t be alone.

Sure it’s corny as all hell, and syrupy sad, but I can’t help but like it. It’s definitely on my to watch list.

Interest Level: Medium High

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