The Irregular at Magic School Episode 1 Recap – “Enrollment Part I”

I use my power to clean things and have creepy incesty moments with my brother! :)
I use my power to clean things and have creepy incesty moments with my brother! 🙂

Incest isn’t funny guys!

The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 1 Recap – “Enrollment Part I”

Ready for the plot dump? No? Too bad. There’s a lot of plot exposition that is thrown at us in the episode, and I’m not sure I really care about any of it.  After global warming causes WWIII to break out in 2045, the fighting continues on for a marathon 20 years. The population decreases to 3 billion in the process. The world is only saved through the use of magic, and now the remaining countries in the world are all racing to become the best in magic. But forget all that, we’ve got high school hijinks and drama to worry about! Insert weary and sarcastic sigh from me.

Instead of seeing the world that we’ve set up here, we’re stuck in the setting of a high school in Japan, where the students are divided into Weeds and Blooms. Guess which ones are thought less of. Our main is Tatsuya Shiba, a Weed who appears to be harbouring a secret. We aren’t going to care what it is though. His sister Miyuki is the first person that we meet, and she… “values” her brother….a little too much. We’re really going down this road guys? Anyways, she has been picked to become one of the Blooms in the school, and today is her graduation ceremony. The Council President Saegusa shows that she supports Tatsuya, even if he is a Weed. She also welcomes Miyuki into the fold of the Blooms. (That sounds weird doesn’t it?)

At the “matriculation” ceremony, Tatsuya is introduced to Mizuki Shibata, our big boobs, I care about everyone character, and Enka Chiba, our tomboy character. At home, Tatsuya and Miyuki (not to be confused with Mizuki) console each other about the troubles of their social statuses. Then the violin music kicks in and Tatsuya touches his sister’s cheek….going downhill…fast……Anyways, she appears to have frost powers.

Cut to Tatsuya training with a pervy monk named Yakumo. They start a fight to rather annoying techno score, and then finish the fight….off screen. What we do get to see is Miyuki using her Casting Assistance Device (read, glorified cell phone) to demonstrate her frost powers… clean her clothes off. Thanks for that. Really necessary. I can see Miyuki is going to be a strong female character…*smacks himself for stupidity*

I totally hate you Red Hair Girl I'm In Love With
I totally hate you Red Hair Girl I’m In Love With

Back at school, we meet one more character to add to the group, Leonhart Saijo (pfff), who is totally not in love with Enka. The class teacher seems to have been replaced as well, by someone that Tatsuya is not surprised to see. Later, a group of Blooms attack Tatsuya and his friends for talking to Miyuki. During the fight, Enka shows off her disarming skills and Tatsuya reveals that he can read activation sequences. His power is analysis and subterfuge.

This was one big pile of I don’t care for me. The only completely negative part was the incest vibes, and I really hope they don’t go down the path I think they are going to. The show thinks it’s far more clever than it actually is, and I don’t think I’ll be keeping this one on board.

Interest Level: Low

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