The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour Episode 1 Recap – “Just Imagine”

It's a trap!!
It’s a trap!!

Actually pretty funny!

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour Episode 1 Recap – “Just Imagine”

I’m surprised to find that I actually found the majority of the jokes to be funny in the first episode of The Kawai Complex Guide (yada yada bing boom bang and so on). I was expecting another lazy harem anime (it might still go there) but for the first episode it was kind of refreshing. Kasunari Usa, thanks to his parents job transfer, is moving into the Kawai dormitory, we he can live independently. However, once he gets there, he finds he is not the only one living there. In fact, we have a whole host of wacky characters that join him.

First off, the animation is pretty slick, which is rare for a comedy series, which tend to be on the cheaper side. See Azumanga Daioh (watch it!) or Love Hina (AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE). It’s nice to see, to be honest! While in the school library Usa spies a pretty girl who he has his eye on, but he has to run; he’s got to move into the dormitory that day.

Once his way, he runs afoul a shady character who his poking his head through a hole in the fence surrounding an elementary school. Creepily, he already knows Usa’s name and who he is. A cop shows up to arrest the pervert, including a comedic interlude about curiousity. Usa beats a hasty retreat and arrives at the Kawai complex, only to find that the perv, whose name is Shirosaki has followed him!

The owner of the complex, and old woman named Sumiko, tries to convince Usa that the perv is mostly harmless. I ain’t believing you lady! But before Usa opts out, the girl of his dreams appears at the door. Her name is Ritsu Kawai, and she is Sumiko’s granddaughter, who is also living at the dorm. It appears Usa is staying.

Don't believe you lady

Later, Usa meets an lady is acting quite strange on the side of the river. This is Mayumi Nishikino, an working woman who has bad luck with men. And large bresticles, of course! With her inclusion into the pack of characters, we are just one short of the full cast, who will probably be introduced in the next couple of episodes.

Sumiko had the best lines in the episode, from wanting to be a side character in a romance novel (who says mysterious things that have no meaning) to the almost delusional defense of a person who is unabashedly a screwed up perv. Shirosaki wasn’t hilarious, but mildly funny in his own moments. Also, BDSM! Nishikino is downright hilariously neurotic, even for a character that I thought would get on my nerves. Among her best was “remember how we used to buy shares in that company that makes sex dolls?” and “I’ll drown myself in the river to make you feel guilty!” Also, she tries to rub herself on a stair railing. Yes, in that way.

I'll drown myself!

I’m curious to see if it will maintain this level of funny over the next few episodes. If it can, then I am definitely in. But that is a cautious “in” for now.

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