The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 1 Recap – “The Sun Kingdom”

baiiiiHe has a moustache! He must be evil! 

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 1 Recap – “The Sun Kingdom”

It looks like we have our second badass strong female character of the season, after Akari from Chaika – The Coffin Princess. Princess Nike is the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom, who is sent off by her family to marry the Sun King Livius I, who is the head of the Sun Kingdom, which runs most of the world. In return, the Rain Dukedom gets to keep their autonomy. To her surprise, the King himself is nothing more than a kid, and a bratty one at that!

Nike arrives at the harbour, and sees off her small entourage, even to their lamenting cries of girls and beer. The background music for this scene and the rest of the episode is a nice string mix that is not too distracting.

people are dicks

Soon, Nike discovers that everyone in town are massive dicks, as the overcharge her for food, run her over in the street without remorse, refuse her room and board, and steal her luggage. After the two thieves make off with her luggage, she appears to be powering up to get some payback, but passes out due to hunger before she can.

The only nice family in the village takes her in and nurse her back to health. She makes friends with both the mother Mina and the young girl Liza (Liza Minelli? Wait..whut?), and they start to think of a way to get Nike to the capital, where she can meet the king. Elsewhere, a shadowed man (he has a moustache! He must be evil!) threatens the two thieves to give up the location of Nike.

On a walk with Liza, Nike learns that the Sun King built the aqueducts in the town, revived the economy, and made sure that it never rains in the capital Ginitariques. Nike is then attacked by the two thieves while hanging the family’s laundry, though it turns out that they kidnapped Mina instead. They then get self referential, oddly, spouting lines like “we get to please the male viewers” and “level up as villians” as well as getting “a scene with lots of service shots!” The diversion was funny, I will admit, and it was good to see the show didn’t actually give us any female fanservice (we get a shot of the King’s butt in the ending credits though).


That’s because Nike uses her powers of rain and wind to cut one of the theives’ knife in half and blow them away. They are then hired to drive Nike to the capitol, as they sheepishly accept their duty. They might just be one off characters, or their could be comedic relief for the series, we will see. Back with the moustache man, he appears to be General of sorts, and of course, evil.

Nike finally makes it to the palace, and is introduced to Sun King Livius I, who is nothing but a mere child, to her amazement. The next episode appears to be focusing on the King and Nike, and her probable mistreatment.

Livius I

The presentation of Nike’s character was promising, as she is both comedic, but not in the usual way a female heroine is, and powerful. Let’s hope that isn’t reversed over the course of the series.

Interest Level: Medium High

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