Baby Steps Episode 2 Recap – “Methodical and Unorganized”

yup, he's telegraphedYup, he’s definitely a Tsundere >_<…

Baby Steps Episode 2 Recap – “Methodical and Unorganized”

As we open Episode 2, Eichiro is at cram school but is distractedly thinking about tennis. As a result, he decides to run home instead of taking the bus. After running every day for a week, Wednesday comes and he goes back for another tennis trial. This time he doesn’t pass out during the warmup!

The coach explains to Eichiro that the courts are ordered in terms of skill from A to F, with F being the lowest. She is about to  practice with Eichiro when she is called away, and tells Eichiro to watch some of the other players. His gaze wanders to Court A, where Kawasaki is serving with the upperclassmen tsundere Takuma.


Natsu notices him watching and explains serves and double lines to him, as well as how to hit the ball. Of course Takuma gets all blustery and bothery because some guy is “crushin on his gurl”. When she asks him to send him an easy serve he powers one by. He is man, he strong like dumb jealous child.

After some chiding from Natsu, Takuma does send him an actual easy serve, and Eichiro is able to carry through with a return, much to his own amazement. He decides to join the tennis club while Takuma gets all his “Who Cares! Leave Me Alone” droopy dog moments out.

Eichiro gets the same racket as Takasaki (but of course!), by using his New Year’s allowance money. He dives in fully, as at home he studies all the measurements of the court, and on Saturdays he hits against a wall in the park, using a protractor to measure the angle of his elbow. All it took was that one return to hook him.

the return

While forcing Kageyama to use the protractor, Eichiro points out that he can’t seem to recreate the return because he is over analyzing everything and trying to make it perfect.

At the end of his practice, he is picking up the spare balls that have gone into the bushes when he spies Takuma and Takasaki on the walkway. And the appear to be moving in for a kiss?

I saw no reason to stop watching this show. Sure it wasn’t ground breaking, but the characters are enjoyable, and the show has some good comedic moments. It look like Eichiro will be getting into his first match as well next episode!

Interest Level: Medium High


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