Black Bullet Episode 2 Recap – “The Mask of Madness”

police brutalityAn action series where I actually like the action!

Black Bullet Episode 2 Recap – “The Mask of Madness”

Kisara and Satomi are called to a meeting by the Ministry of Defence, where all the other civil officers in the Tokyo area are also present. Satomi is the only one who didn’t bring his Initiator with him as well.

A hulking civil officer named Shogen, a member of the Miyahama Royal Guard, tries to intimidate them and dismiss them as kids. He calls Enju a “tool”, which gets Satomi’s blood boiling.

Me big me tough
Me big me tough

Before things can escalate, Seitenshi, the ruler of the Tokyo area contacts the meeting via satellite link (or something akin to it). Her advisor is Tendu Kikonujo, Satomi’s adoptive father and Kisara’s grandfather. Seitenshi delivers the brief of the situation; they need to find and return a stolen box, for a reward. They can’t reveal what’s in the box though, which means it’s something important.

We get the answer soon enough though, as the Big Bad busts in through the window, and is revealed to be a Promoter himself, as he has an Initiator child in tow. He introduces himself as Hiruko Kagetane, and his daughter Kohina, is his Initiator. He also lets slip the tidbit that inside the box is the Inheritance of the Seven Stars. If Kagetane gets a hold of it, he can bring down the walls that keep the Gastrea out.

Shogen tries to land a hit, and others begin to fire their guns, but Kagetane has a barrier in place. I love the name for it, “Imaginary Gimmick.” Well played, Black Bullet, well played. Before he jets out, he leaves a present for Satomi, that begins to bleed on the table. It’s the severed head of the President of the Oose Corporation (one of the organizations meeting).

bad guy bad daughter

On the streets, Enju and Satomi run into a Cursed Child who is stealing from a store. Enju seems to recognize her, but she is dragged away by the police. Satomi follows them to an abandoned building, only to see the police gruesomely shoot the girl twice. She is still alive though, and Satomi rushes her off to a doctor. The doctor asks why he is paying for the girl, and he replies “who else will?”

On his way out of the hospital he is suddenly attacked by Kagetane and Kohina. Enju jumps in and she and Kohina are evenly matched in battle. Instead of fighting him, Kagetane asks Satomi to join him, asking if Satomi has ever thought the way things are run in society are wrong. Satomi refuses, but he does flash back to the police incident earlier. Kagetane warns Satomi, leaving a clue that something horrible will happen at Enju’s school tomorrow, before stalking off into the night.

Satomi rushes there in the morning, to find that Enju has been outed as a Cursed Child. To top it off, she’s run away as well. As Satomi searches for her, he comes to a secret underground hideout for Cursed Children. He is introduced to an Elder named Matsusaki, an older man who cares for the Cursed Children. The Elder points out that Satomi can ask the IISO for an Initiator replacement, but Satomi emotionally tells him that Enju is more than just a tool, she is family. We also get a quick flashback to when they first met at the IISO, and got to know each other better over the year. Enju, of course has been in the shadows listening the whole time, but she doesn’t reveal herself before Satomi leaves.

A lot of stuff happened in this episode, but it didn’t feel too rushed or compacted. There was some okay character development, and the action, though quick, was well done. There was also a small side moment, where Seitenshi tells of a New Gastrea Law that could give the Cursed Children more rights. It will be interesting to see if they revisit that later. I am definitely intrigued though, and will definitely be continuing Black Bullet.

Interest Level: Medium High


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