Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 2 Recap – “Witches”

is it or isn't it?*Slaps himself* 

Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 2 Recap – “Witches”

We start off right where Episode 1 ended, after Kuroha has saved Murakami. She warns him that if she is caught as a witch, she’ll be killed. Though she doesn’t tell us how or by who. She does the usual “stay away from me, I’m a stranger to you” schtick and buggers off.

After that good o’l dubsteppy opening song (only half joking), Murakami is at school thinking about the missing moles on Kuroha again. She’s absent from school today, so the teacher asks him to give her a transfer form for the summer trip, and gives him her address.

On the way up the hill to her house, a convey of armored vehicles pass by him, with a girl inside that is captured, tied and naked. This was made by the creator of Elfen Lied you say? In turns out that her address leads to a lookout point, that overlooks an abandoned village, which he enters to find Kuroha hanging laundry. I was very confused at this point, because the girl in the vehicle looked very much likely Kuroha, but as it turns out she isn’t.

Can't you see I'm hanging laundry? ~_~
Can’t you see I’m hanging laundry? ~_~

When asked why she wasn’t at school, Kuroha says she doesn’t need to go to school anymore since she already saved the two people. She wanted to see what school was like though, because she’s only been in the lab her whole life. Elfen Lied, you say…*slaps himself*.

While Murakami is trying to convince her to come back to school, a strange voice yells “Save Me!” from one of the houses. He is about to go check on it, when she blasts the ground in front of him and asks him to leave. Who are we kidding, he’s not going to leave.

He creeps back into her house and listens to a conversation between her and the disembodied voice. Kuroha gives us two bits of info: if Murakami was caught with her, he would be killed too, and that she won’t live long. When she leaves the room, he sneaks into it to see what looks like a doll or female corpse on the bed. Kuroha reappears behind him, saying that Kana (the doll) is alive. She is paralyzed due to experimentation, but gained the prediction ability as well. She was the one that forecast his death last episode. Her communication device is a keyboard, not unlike a speak and spell.

Both girls are runaways from the lab, as well as the girl who were captured by the convoy. Kuroha again pleads with him to leave and never come back, which this time he actually obeys. Kana tells her to go to school and have fun while she is alive, because it won’t be long.

She is at school the next day, where it appears she can’t read correctly. Elfen- *punches himself*. Murakami makes us the excuse to go the nurse’s room, and for Kuroha to escort him. He confides to her that he wants her to go on the summer trip because it will make him feel better about the fate of Kuroneko.

Kana gets another forecast that a lady in red will die in 15 mins. We totally don’t run into the lady at the school gates, no way. Not well played, Brynhildyr, not well played. It turns out they changed the death forecast just because they ran into the woman at the school gates.

Meanwhile, we cut to the lab, where Kanade, the captured girl, is melted down for showing her magic in public. The fact she looks just like Kuroha is troubling, maybe she is the Kuroha that saved Murakami? An ominous looking blonde haired man demands that the other witches are found.

shifty eyes

Back in the village, Murakami has brought them some cake to eat. Kana says it’s been about 10 years since she had cake….whoa hold on….they keep telling us that they won’t live long, but she is at least 10 years old? There’s a bad sign as well, as Kuroha gets a nosebleed, and doesn’t come to school the next day.

I have a distinct feeling that this show is light-hearted for now and will get very depressing and gorey later. It also feels like it’s mostly just a rehash of Elfen Lied, which needless to say was not my favorite. The warning signs are there, but it hasn’t hit the explosive barrel yet. For now, it’s a cautious continue. Also, there was nothing about aliens in this episode!

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