Captain Earth Episode 2 – “The Name Of The Gun Is Livlaster”

I'm a shonen hero am I!
I’m a shonen hero am I!

The fuh—?

Captain Earth Episode 2 – The Name Of The Gun Is Livlaster”

After the whole transformation sequence from last episode, – seriously, the whole thing – both Uncle Nishibuko and Teppei are watching Daichi from the command base, when the scientist from last episode walks in. He contacts someone named “Code Papillon” and we learn his name is Peter Westvillage.

“Code Papillon” is the girl in the computer room (and “magical girl” lol), who is going to help Daichi with navigation. She wonders if the gun (Livlaster) controlled him, but he retorts that by asserting “it’s my own will telling me that I must defeat it,” like any good shonen hero. Papillon agrees to let him supply the power while she drives the mech.

After a direct hit on Earth Engine, Daichi takes complete control of the mech with a shonen scream, brought to us by way of a “your dad is dead” flashback. Papillon recognizes his “orgone energy”, which is a silly technical term. Daichi defeats the female alien and she retreats back to her own base. The commander aboard the ship in space (we aren’t given her name) notices that the Kiltgang are evolving faster.

On earth, both Teppei and Hana (bubble girl) are in trouble with a scientist fellow…named Salty Dog? He is angry they didn’t tell him about a second Livlaster. Daichi recognizes Teppei though, with a smile that says “I haven’t clued into the whole situation yet.” Meanwhile, Uncle Nishibuko and the base are contemplating if they should send Daichi home or keep him.

With the aliens, we get our daily dose of mumbo jumbo; who knows what “Ego Block” and “Entangle Link” mean but they sound cool, I guess. Wait wait wait – hold on – He kisses her and the battle replays in his head? The fuh—–

we're totes evil

Cut to a hoighty toighty CEO named Kobe, who talks to an giant AI eyeball named Puck, who predicts the Kiltgang won’t be here before they were prophesied to be. Kobe’s ultimatum is that “humanity will survive, my humanity!” (I’m EVIL! I have no plan!) That and something about “Macbeth’s Revolution” being at 100%. The names of characters and terminology in this show are hilariously bad :)!

Back at the base, four things are revealed to us. Westvillage is the base’s science Chief, Hana can’t use the mech as a weapon, and Teppei has been trained to pilot it instead. They both wear a device that triggers if they try to leave the compound, which will send pain into their body. Daichi is now required to wear it too. Also, Daichi’s father piloted Earth Engine before, and christened it’s name.

That whole situation doesn’t last long though, as Daichi shoots Livlaster at the base from the beach, triggering an alarm and prompting both Teppei and Hana to remove their headset and head out to the beach. Hana escapes from Huffy Puffy Salty Dog by way of the cuddly Mascot Pitz, who lightly taps him and he falls over.


On the beach, the three share a moment as Daichi fulfills a promise he made when they were kids; to show Hana his boomerang (yuck yuck). Our closing line from Daichi is “I remember how good the wind on this island feels…”

This show is seriously stupid, but in the way that it’s kind of fun because of that. I think it’s because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, at least at this point. Daichi is an enjoyable main character and neither Teppei nor Hana or too annoying yet. Though I’m pretty sure Hana will not be a strong female character. Oh well, onwards!

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