Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 2 Recap – “The Lazy Man’s Choice”

my dad's handAre the bad guys really the bad guys?

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 2 Recap – “The Lazy Man’s Choice”

Jumping right back into the action from the series opener, Count Abarth is shocked to see Chaika alive, saying that he killed her before. I love Chaika’s answer; “Ghost?” Abarth recovers and decides to kill her again “whether she is real or an imitation” even though “we killed her long ago.” The plot thickens!

After making a quick escape, the Acura siblings and Chaika formulate a plan of attack. Akari and Chaika will get to Abarth’s Gundo at the center of the mansion and destroy it, while Toru will act as bait.

At the center of the mansion, Akari looks for the Nerve center of the Gundo, and they find it inside a safe behind a mirror. It’s not a Gundo, but the Hand inside the bottle.

The fight between Abarth and Toru is fun from the get go, with a great score and animation. It’s also really entertaining to watch Toru use his smarts instead of just merely all out brawning the fight. His use of clever traps only makes me like him as a character even more. Abarth’s fighting style is also very interesting, as he uses the household items in the mansion as weapons. During the fight, he tells Toru a very interesting tidbit: “you’re being used but you don’t know why do you?”

Just as he is about to crush Toru with a nightstand (LOVE IT), his power is suddenly drained. Toru traps him with the friendly use of a chandelier (AWESOME), and they escape with the Hand in tow. From a tree, the Cat Person/Lady/Guy/Gender I Don’t Know Yet from the Gilette crew watches from a tree.

Chaika. Big Bang. Win.
Chaika. Big Bang. Win.

Once safe, the Acura siblings inquire some answers from Chaika, who says she is grateful for their help and offers to pay them on spot, instead of divulging her secrets. Suddenly, Toru pushes her out of the way, as a knife flies by and impales one of her coins into a wall. It’s Alberic Gilette and two of his crew. They warn the siblings to back out now, for their own good, but not before being very condescending towards the two Saboteurs.

Akari pulls a ninja vanish trick, and makes another escape with Chaika. Toru takes the Hand, and again acts as bait, to play catch me if you can with an armored tank. Instead of engaging the tank straight on though, he uses his smarts again, and uses a cart to throw the tank off track.

Eventually he is cornered though, by the Gilette member Nikolai. He demands Toru fork over the Hand, which Toru does, but only so that the warrior can’t use his hands to attack Toru. Dude, you are awesome. Then it’s a sword versus daggers battle, which is won by Toru with speed and skill, without him even using his Saboteur power. Another plus for me, to show that he doesn’t always have to rely on his power to win each battle.

Gilette makes it to the scene, and we see that Akari and Chaika are hiding in an alley not too far away. The best exchange of the episode follows between the two. “Chaika.” “Yes, Chaika.” “Chaika.” *nod nod* Gilette explains to Toru that the Hand is the severed limb of Emperor Arthur Gaz of the Gaz Empire. Arthur ran the country into ruin with his massive amount of magical power, and it took a large amount of wizards to finally kill him during the war. Chaika is his daughter, who was also supposedly killed. Gilettte warns that there is a strong gathering of followers for the Gaz Empire and they could use Chaika as a rallying point. He and his employers want to keep the peace that they finally got, and capturing Chaika would help that.

I love this next moment, as Toru makes a choice not most protagonists do, as he fully admits that he is ok with plunging the world back into war. “War sounds fine to me,” he says. “Your peaceful world pisses me off.” It’s an interesting response that is both believable and fits into his character’s personality.

toru vs nikolai

Akari disarms both Gilette and his female cohort, and Chaika uses a spell literally called “The Blind” (it does what it says). The trio escape to their cabin, where they gather some supplies and prepare to leave. Akari agrees to come along because if Toru dies “without my knowledge, I can’t have you stuffed.” Chaika reveals that she wants to find her father’s remains and give him a funeral, though she could be lying at this point. It remains to be seen!

Interesting, it could be that Chaika is evil all along, and people like Alberic and Albarth are actually good guys, but Toru doesn’t know it. In a quick aside to the Postwar Restoration Agency, Chief Conrad decides to leave the operation to Gilette and stay out of it for now. As the trio move through the forest (without any sense of where they are going) a mysterious floating woman watches them…

I don’t think I need the 3rd episode to decide whether to keep this one, it’s a definite continue. I love the characters, and how I already have a good sense of how they work/think/feel. The plot isn’t taking the obvious path either, and that is always a plus with me. I would like to see Akari get some more action sequences, but there is plenty of time for that to happen.

Interest Level: High


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