Haikyu!! Episode 2 Recap – “Karasuno High School Volleyball Club”

rivals and allies?“I got worked up like Gwaaaa” ~_~

Haikyu!! Episode 2 Recap – “Karasuno High School Volleyball Club”

Hinata asks why Kageyama is at this high school, and Kageyama mutters that it’s because the strongest school in the prefecture rejected him. Three members of the Volleyball club show up and start questioning Kageyama, ignoring Hinata at first. Eventually they do acknowledge Hinata and recall his match from last year.

The Dean shows up amidst Hinata and Kageyama having another petty quarrel, and the upperclassmen ask them not to make trouble. They do exactly the opposite and challenge each other to a serve-recieve faceoff, citing that they’ve both improved since last year. Hinata misses the first serve but gets a hand on the second one…and sends it right into the Dean’s face, knocking his toupee off.

After some apologies, the captain of the team, Daichi Sawamura, explains the situation of team to them. Their reputation has fallen to “Unflying Crows” and “Fallen Rivals” after being one of the top contenders just a few years ago. Cue the captain standing stoically while crows fly overhead. So silly, but it’s slowly endearing itself to me. Sawamura kicks them both out, saying they aren’t wanted until they act like teammates.

Kageyama’s solution is to challenge their senpais to a two on two, but only if Hinata keeps out of the way. Tanaka and Sugawara, the other two members we have met, accurately predict they would do just that, much to their amusement.

Hey! Listen!

Sawamura accepts but changes it to a three on three, against the other two first year applicants. Tanaka will be on Hinata and Kageyama’s team for the contest, which will take place that Saturday. The condition is that if they lose, Kageyama will never be a setter on the team. Tanaka discreetly coughes out the practice time to the two and they agree to meet at 5 am in the morning. After the requisite “together they will bring greatness, apart they will be imperfect” speech from the Captain, the episode closes out.

This is stupid fun, so much that I’ve willing to give it a second chance, even after my initial reaction last week. Kageyama still gets on my nerves, but I think that’s what his character is supposed to do, and Hinata is extremely endearing.

Interest Level: Medium High


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