Mushi-shi Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – “The Warbling Sea Shell”

mina and shellSo beautiful, so depressing T_T

Mushi-shi Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – “The Warbling Sea Shell”

Can we take a moment to recognize just how beautiful the opening song Shiver is again? It’s definitely going on my list of songs to include in my collection. Anyways, Ginko is on a beach when he hears birdsong coming from one of the seashells. Further down the beach, two children are collecting shells. One of these girls in Mina, whose father tells her to go get rice from the village but not to talk to anyone. Ginko happens upon their home, and warns the father that the sea is showing signs of ill omen, and asks him to warn the village. Sakichi (Mina’s father) only agrees to protect her though.

Speaking of Mina, she finds a warbling sea shell on the beach and puts it to her ear, before falling unconscious. When she wakes, she has lost her voice. Shima, her friend who was gathering shells with her is worried, but she is brushed aside by Sakichi, who is angry at Mina for talking to the villagers, especially Shima.

Ginko gives us the rundown on this week’s Mushi, who is a Yadokaridori (Hermit Crab Bird) or Saezurigai (Warbling Shell). They come ashore when they sense something amiss in the sea, and sing to their fellow mates so they escape to the beach as well. He reassures them that Mina will get her voice back eventually, as long as she hears enough people talking every day.

warbling shell

Sakichi and Mina live on the cliff because he lost his wife to a shark attack, and the village elder saved his own wife instead of Sakichi’s, thus why he holds resentment. Shima is that very same Elder’s daughter. Sakichi gives Mina something inside a small bag, and stresses to her to protect herself should he ever die. There is a knock on the door; it’s the Elder, come to warn him of the impending danger.

The Elder also asks him to come back to the village, and work with the fish farm they are managing. He doesn’t want anyone else dying on his watch. On Ginko’s suggestion, everyone takes shelter atop the cliffs. The disaster turns out to be a red tide, that kills off all the fish in the pens.

However, it looks like the disaster hasn’t completely come to pass yet, as Mina doesn’t have her voice back, and the Yadokaridori/Saezurigai haven’t retreated from the beach yet. Sakichi and Mina go to the village people and telll them not to dive yet, as there could be poisonous fish due to the red tide. Ginko seconds that motion, but the Elders wonders what they can do for a solution in the meantime. Mina gives the elder the bag, which has a pearl inside it. The village can use it to pay for some of the losses. Sakichi solemnly says that “it’s better than having people die.” In exchange, he would like him and his daughter to be able to come back to the village.

the flight of the singing shells

This show is so beautiful and heartfelt, yet so depressing. I can so easily connect to the characters and their troubles, as we are always given enough time to acquaint ourselves with them, even with them being one episode characters. This is the storytelling show of the season, and is slowly convincing me to go back and check out the original series.

Interest Level: High


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