One Week Friends Episode 2 Recap – “How To Spend Time With Friends”

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One Week Friends Episode 2 Recap – “How To Spend Time With Friends”

Seriously though, this show is way too damn cute, so much that it gives me heartburn. Heartburn that makes me happy though! Hase re-introduces himself to Fujimiya and tells her “I’d like for us to be friends.” Her response is less than desired though, as she warily answers “where is this coming from?” before running away.

Shogo, the cold friend from last episode, passively aggressively tells Hase to try harder. Somehow Shogo manages to do it even while still being lazy, which is impressive! Hase makes a decision, it’s time to talk to her – but the lunch break has just ended.

At home, Fujimiya is puzzled about Hase’s actions, and asks her Mom (parents exist in an anime for once!) if she said anything about school last week. She can’t remember what she did for lunch the whole week either.

On Tuesday’s lunch, Hase joins Fujimiya on the roof and explains to her what happened last week. Thankfully, she believes him and wants to keep having lunch together, even if she won’t remember them. It’s a solemn, bittersweet moment that warms even this black heart. Come Wednesday’s lunch and Hase has an idea; why doesn’t she write a diary? She takes to the idea and begins to record everything…and we mean everything!


Fast forward to Friday, where Fujimiya suggests going to a new crepe place that just opened, the same conversation they had last Friday in Episode 1. This time though, they agree to actually do it, and arrange for crepes on Sunday.

They both arrive early on Sunday and the adorbs meter has exploded into oblivion. Hase wanted to be early since Fujimiya might not be used to hanging out with people and Fujimiya’s reason is because she didn’t want to make him wait. Stop being cute, my brain is going to explode! Unfortunately the crepe place is closed, but there’s an easy solution; karaoke!

After a great time at karoake, they start to think about what is to come on Monday. She asks him to meet on the roof this time instead of him introducing himself in the middle of the classroom. I’m not sure why the next line was so heartbreaking, but when she utters “tomorrow, tell me all about today,” it’s just so sad!

That night, Fujimiya hangs a huge note on her door to remind herself to read her diary in the morning. Before she heads to bed, she writes one more thing in her diary. In the morning, after we exhale, she reads the diary. 🙂

They meet at lunch, and another heartbreaking line from Fujijmiya, as she tells Hase “in my diary, I sound happy.” T_T Hase, in a moment of emotion, apologizes for being selfish and pushing her too hard, thinking that she doesn’t remember anything at all, and is lying just to be nice to him. Stop slapping yourself Hase!


Fujimiya takes it in stride with a smile though, and then like a cheeky monkey, writes the whole thing down in her diary. Embarassed, Hase asks “Can you be my friend again?” To which Fujimiya, still in her cheeky mode replies “well I guess it can’t be helped.”

I have no feels left after this episode. Seriously this is so much cuteness overload, but I can’t help but enjoy it. Normally meet-cute would drive me insane, but both Hase and Fujimiya comes across as very genuine. I just know that something incredibly depressing is going to happen later in the series, but at least for now these two are relatively happy. I’m still prepared for a blubbery, tear filled ending though.

Interest Level: High


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