Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro Episode 2 Recap – “Goodbye, Middle School”

only good fuckin partThe only good thing about this show is the opening theme song…

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro Episode 2 Recap – “Goodbye, Middle School”

We meet Matsutaro’s mom at the family breakfast meeting, where Shimada-sensei is going to take Matsu out for a job hunt in the city. He has lined up one at a hauling company with quite some confidence. On his way out Matsu fires a passing shot at the old ladies of the village, and again I’m on the side of the old ladies. We learn that Minami has also quit her teaching job and gone back to Tokyo, blaming herself for Matsu’s behaviour. She is also the only reason he isn’t in prison because she didn’t want to press charges.

All looks goods until it turns out the hauling company is owned by the man he forced to drive him around last episode. This leads to a downward spiral where either no one will hire him or he’ll refuse the job. Shimada is about to give up and go home, when he turns back around and helps him. Why? What does Shimada have to earn for this at all? Just ditch the dumbass!

At a restaurant, Matsu proceeds to insult Sumo wrestlers as men who have dirty butts, when three sekitoris overhear him. He refuses to apologize, even with the teacher defending for him, but the sumos let it go. Matsu can’t though and charges after them. He gets punched and knocked out by the sekitori, much to my delight.

This has one episode to make me like it even a little. Right now it’s an automatic drop, as there is nothing redeeming about Matsu at all. He is an absolute jerk that I want to kick in the balls repeatedly. The fact that people stick up for him baffles me, as does the fact some people in the comments think he’s some sort of awesome character. I actually hope that it doesn’t give me a reason to continue it.

Interest Level: SUPER Low


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