The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 2 Recap – “Enrollment Part II”

oh fuck offAnd yet I still don’t care…

The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 2 Recap – “Enrollment Part II”

The tense situation from last episode is defused by President Saegusa, even though Morisaki (the guy who was angry at Tatsuya) refuses to acknowledge Tatsuya. Now that the fight is over, the girl Tatsuya defended approaches and apologizes to him for causing so much trouble. She is Honoka Mitsui, and appears to have a crush on him. “Would it be ok if I walked with you to the station?” *Visible cringe from me*

While the group is relaxing later, Tatsuya reveals to everyone that he knew Erika’s kendo stick is also a CAD (that runs on mumbo jumbo like everything else). Honestly, sometimes it’s better NOT to explain how the science of your world works guys! Normally I wouldn’t care too much about the mechanics, but since you are so insistent on pointing them out to me, I have no choice but to see how silly they are.

Both Tatsuya and Miyuki are invited to the school council meeting, where one of the members remarks “you sound more like lovers than siblings.” Tatsuya: “Well I do admit, it’s crossed my mind before.” WHUT O_O. No seriously, whut? “Needless to say, I’m joking.” My face for the next few minutes: ~_~. Miyuki didn’t seem to be in on the joke did she?


President Saegusa asks Miyuki to be the first year rep for the council, and Miyuki in turns asks if she can bring her brother along for the ride. Again, they are wary to since he is a Weed, or “Course 2” student, as they use the politically correct term. Mari, the head of the Disciplinary Committee, says that he can be part of it even though he isn’t Course 1. Before Tatsuya makes his decision, the end of lunch bell rings.

The meet with the council again after school, where they are introduced to Vice President Gyobu Hattori, who is opposed to a “Weed” being on the council in any capacity. Mari states her case, saying she wants him because of his brains and skill in reading activation sequences. She is also against discrimination towards Course 2 students, and hopes that can change over time. Hattori still isn’t convinced, so Tatsuya calmly challenges him to a simulated battle. After a whole lot of non-buildup, Tatsuya finishes him in one move, proving his skill to the Council.

I’m not convinced that I want to keep watching, as Tatsuya has no interesting aspects to his character and his “relationship” with his sister is way too uncomfortable for me. It also feels that even with the large world that it has established as it’s setting (remember the plot dump from Episode 1?) most of our time will be spent on high school drama. We’ll give it one more episode at least though.

Interest Level: Low


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