The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 2 Recap – “The Rain Princess”

make it rain

Aw crap…

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 2 Recap – “The Rain Princess”

All that hope for Nike as a character, pretty much washed out the window after this episode. She appears to have become a tool for the male lead, instead of using the strengths she displayed in the last episode. King Livius greets her and asks if she can make it rain in the city, as he has never seen it. She refuses to comply and is about to leave when the King throws her in jail with the ultimatum that she will “starve to death or become my plaything.” O_O Children are scary.


Livius then meets with 3 elders who immediately get to thinking of ways to “play with her.” It doesn’t matter though, as Nike escapes right away, using her wind magic to slice the cell bars. She sneaks into the King’s strategy room and about is about to attack him when she collapses due to hunger.

Neil, the king’s butler charges in, but it’s ok, they are talking civilly. Nike explains that she can’t make it rain right off the bat, she has to experience “the beauty of this world” and be in sync with the person’s feelings (that requests the rain) for the spell to work. She is then given a bed and a room for herself. At night she has a dream of a younger Livius, who is talking to a slender, blonde woman named Sheila. They both wish to see the rain someday, as it is just a story to them.

She is introduced to her own personal maids in the morning, Ranra, Sunya and Mikia, who have Nike’s dress that she requested. There is also a lavish breakfast (also Nike’s demand), to which the King has no interest in. It’s here that Nike realises the King’s misfortune; “You own the world, but you’ve never looked at any of it.”

This is in the ending song...seriously.. ~_~
This is in the ending song…seriously.. ~_~

After a “having fun and exploring the world” montage, the two relax in one of his gardens, when an unseen assailant fires an arrow at the King. Nike pushes him out of the way and takes the hit in the shoulder. The arrow must be made of melodrama because the music is trying to make us think she’s much more hurt than she actually is.

The attack reminds Livius that the “world is just meant to hurt people” and achieve victory through war. Honestly this whole plot development felt too rushed and was completely underwhelming as a result. The whole episode should have been dedicated to this, and not just a few minutes. Livius has used the attack as an excuse to declare martial law on the capital and weed out the last remnants of the rebellion. He has also ordered Neil to return Nike to the Principality of Rain.

As a result, Moustache General dude (who still hasn’t been called by name), is exiled and imprisoned. In the carriage home, Neil confides to Nike that Livius doesn’t know how to properly seek help from people. His mother (Sheila from the dream) was lower class, and they lived by hiding below the palace. Neil postulates that his ascension to power was just to fill the void left by his mother getting assassinated three years ago.

the void

Nike spies a stack of smoke coming from back in the direction of the palace, where the resistance has set the fourth floor on fire. The General is also freed in the chaos. The day is saved though, by Nike’s rain song…..that is a full on pop song ~_~. Annnnddddd….Rainbow.

My expectations were lowered quite a bit by this episode. All the character traits that I enjoyed from Nike in Episode 1 are either downplayed or ignored here, and I don’t care enough yet about Livius to have any investment in the romance between the two. It’s not an absolute write-off, but rather a wary continue for now.

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