One Week Friends Episode 3 Recap – “Friends of Friends”

shogoLucky number 18…

One Week Friends Episode 3 Recap – “Friends of Friends”

As a surprise for their next lunch, Fujimiya makes a variety of fried eggs, each one a different flavour. She notes which one Hase enjoys the most in her diary, the one with “18 grams of sugar.” They really seem to be enjoying each other’s company at this point. Plus it’s way too damn adorable.

The next lunch Hase seems about to say something, but he runs off to wash his face instead. Hase runs into Shogo and asks him if he likes Fujimiya or not. Shogo’s response is interesting to say the least: “you can hang out with anyone you want, and I don’t pass judgment on people I haven’t talked to myself. She doesn’t smile enough though.” Which is funny considering that we haven’t seen Shogo smile yet.

At Wednesday’s lunch, Hase asks Fujimiya if it would be ok for Shogo to join them for lunch. She is wary, but says it’s ok. When Hase asks him, Shogo gives his usual disinterested response. Hase knows he’ll come anyways, despite his coldness.

He’s proven right of course, when Shogo shows up on the rooftop. Shogo isn’t great with tact though, as he asks if they are dating already. I can’t really blame him though, as Fujimiya has brought him more homemade fried eggs. After lunch, they inform him of her condition. Shogo considers two possibilities; either she had damage to her head or a shocking incident when she was young, brought on by something to do with a friend. The second possibility is that she’s faking the memory loss entirely. Angrily, Hase asks him to leave. As Shogo stalks away, there’s a long contemplative look from Fujimiya.

fuzzy atmosphere

On Friday, Fujimiya is worried because Hase and Shogo still haven’t made up yet. As school is ending, Fujimiya is about to say something to Shogo, but another classmate interrupts them, and she shyly heads home. She has to turn back though, as she has left something behind. Once she gets back to the home room, she hears voices inside and is too shy to enter. She takes refuge on the rooftop and waits them out. Unfortunately when she goes back the second time, there are still two girls in the home room. They are gossiping about her, saying she acts weird, and grins to herself in class.

She turns to run away again – to come face to face with Shogo. She explains the situation, and he retrieves the diary for her. He delivers another interesting message to the gossip hounds: “If I saw her grinning to herself reading this I would think she was weird too, but there’s also something wrong with people who talk trash and laugh behind another’s back.” As he leaves, he also tells Fujimiya “if you don’t tell people that yourself, they won’t understand.” As someone who usually speaks his mind, and is far too honest most of the time, I can sympathize with Shogo. While he can be rude sometimes, I can also see that he is a very loyal and fair friend. Fujimiya tries to explain to the girls, but only confuses them more. >_<

On Monday’s walk to school, Hase tells Shogo to come to the roof again for lunch. Later in class, Fujimiya is working on a math problem when she starts to cry randomly. Remember, she doesn’t have any memories of the good times from last week. All she knows at this point is that someone named Hase is her friend. The solution to the equation she was working on? The number 18. Embarrassed, she runs out of the classroom, Hase in close pursuit.

The reason? Once she reached the number 18 in the equation, her heart started beating. (18 grams of sugar was the fried egg recipe she made for him and he liked the most). She remembers making the fried eggs but not the person she was making them for. Shogo has been sent out by the teacher to check on them, and here’s a shocker – Fujimiya remembers him completely. She can remember her family, and people she doesn’t see as friends, which means she doesn’t see Shogo as a friend. Hase introduces himself, starting the cycle all over again.


I can’t shake this feeling that this is going to end badly in the long run. Either that or in a massively melancholic manner. However, Fujimiya and Hase are reasons enough to keep watching. Even though their relationship is totally mushy and cheesy, I can’t get enough of it. I also liked the time we spent with Shogo in this episode. You’ll see more of this in the recaps 🙂

Interest Level: Medium High


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