The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 3 Recap – “Enrollment Part III”

can I feel asleep too?

Somehow there’s no plot and way too much plot…

The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 3 Recap – “Enrollment Part III”

The fight between Hattori and Tatsuya has just ended, and everyone is impressed with Tatsuya’s excellent combat skills. After a lot of techno babble and mumbo jumbo, Tatsuya explains he used ninjitsu to dodge the attack and Psion waves to cause Hattori to hallucinate. So he’s a dodge and drug magic ninja >_<.

His CAD is made by a mysterious engineer whose real name and location are a mystery (bet you he’s the engineer). After some more talk talk talk and blah blah blah about technique, magic and….zzzz…..

Tatsuya then meets two members of the Disciplinary Committee, Koutaro Tatsumi and Midori Sawaki. They welcome him to the force, even with the knowledge that he is a Course 2 student. Mari, the head of the Disciplinary Committee, seems to be the Justice/crusader type, which leaves the possibility of her death open for later.

At home, Tatsuya recalibrates Miyuki’s CAD, to which she decides it’s the perfect time to press her boobs up against Tatsuya. She proceeds to make forward advances that left me wanting to throw something at her, and then the creator of this series. She then makes my dislike for her even more intense as she gets angry at him for looking at the other girls at school and then attacks him as “punishment.” Miyuki is now in the running for worst female character of the season.

It’s ok though as Tatsuya…reboots himself (?), and appears to have forgotten the whole altercation. Miyuki, ever so sweetly apologizes: “I went too far with my prank.” OMG, she’s a sociopath. I’m also not quite sure what just happened there. Why did Tatsuya forget the last few minutes? Does Miyuki’s magic rewrite memory of something?


Anyways, we are off to the school festival and the Disciplinary Committee is dispatched to police it. Morisaki, the Course 2 student who disliked Tatsuya, is surprised to see that Tatsuya is carrying 2 CADS at once. “There’s no way you can wield 2 CADS at once!” But of course he can, he’s a wish fulfillment character!

Inside the school gym, a fight breaks out between the Kendo and Kenjutsu (kendo with magic) clubs. The first fight is won by the female Kendo club member, so the Kenjutsu guy angrily breaks out his magic sword, a potentially lethal spell, and cuts her armor. Tatsuya steps in to disarm and knock him out. The rest of the Kenjutsu club attack him in turn as the Kendo manager looks on, muttering “how interesting…”

However interesting we will never know because we are done with this series. Tatsuya is nowhere near an interesting enough protagonist to keep my interest. He’s a massive Gary Stu who has no definable traits except for his ever increasing amount of skills and powers. Every episode is basically “No he can’t do that, he’s a Weed!” “What? He was more powerful then we thought all along?” It only adds to the boredom of the show, as beyond pretty pictures, there’s nothing to see here. The whole incest plot is creepy and icky, I don’t care if it’s anime and they aren’t real. I don’t care if they later turn out not to be related either, that doesn’t excuse it. If you want to continue this show, be my guest, but I’m jumping off the bandwagon here.

Interest Level: Done


4 thoughts on “The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 3 Recap – “Enrollment Part III””

  1. You got off the bandwagon at a good point man, you saved yourself. I stayed on for a longer ride, and I’m really regretting it now. Wow it’s just all bad. I’m dropping this one once the summer anime season starts, I’ve had enough of Gary and his impossible antics. There are better anime to watch and review.

      1. It goes for a bit longer, but it seemingly ends in ep 10. Granted though, I haven’t watched ep 11 yet so I’m not sure if Miyuki was faking everyone out saying what she said, or if she actually meant what she said.

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