The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 3 Recap – “Chancellor’s Declaration”


The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 3 Recap – “Chancellor’s Declaration”

In the aftermath of last episode’s minor fire, the King brazenly tells Nike that he didn’t like the rain or the clouds, but “I liked the rainbow part.” He then grabs her by the hair and tells her “you’re going to make my life more interesting.” Wow, rapey vibes all over.

Fast forward a week, and Nike awakens to find Livius sleeping in the same bed. At breakfast, Livius forcefully suggests they should have a coming out party for Nike, with the entertainment being her rain summoning. Nike refuses, stating that it is a sacred ritual and not just a sideshow. She also rightly thinks to herself that Livius is an arrogant brat.

In one of his meeting with his councillors, we learn that Livius did not punish the attackers since it would have sowed more resentment against him. Elsewhere Nike is having a conversation with Neil the butler, who wishes the Emperor would take more care of himself, especially since he has such a full schedule. She is then approached by some ambassadors who have come for her party. They ridicule her as a “hayseed princess” while chortling to themselves. But it turns out Livius is standing right behind them and tells them off with a smirk. However, my complaint is that it comes off more as “that’s my possession, not yours” instead of “leave her alone,” which is another raeson why I just can’t bring myself to like the King.


Now by themselves, an exchange between Nike and Livius goes sour when she tells him to lighten his workload. Nike is worried that she can’t find anything that the two can communicate about, and she has no idea what’s in his head, or his heart. Nike has a flashback/story time moment to when she was taught rain summoning by her grandmother.

Her grandma also divulges that the real power of the rain is to reach people’s hearts with the rain. Blegh, shoujo logic. She thanks the servants for always putting fresh flowers in her room, and they let her know that it’s not them, but Livius who does it every day. I love her reaction to this: “What kind of idiot is he?”

That night, she sneaks into his bedroom. Neil catches her and, as is his character use (exposition man), shows Nike the “medicine” that Livius takes every day to make him relaxed. He likes to have someone to protect, so ever since Nike showed up he’s been taking the “medicine” less. For some reason this is what convinces Nike that she is in love with Livius. Why? I have no idea, as it just doesn’t seem that romantic to me. She vows to protect him as well, noting his “beautiful” sentiment. Uh, I’m not sure here Nike.

At her party, she sings in her entrance while the wind blows some flower petals into the room. “She’s the princess you chose, have a little more faith in her,” Neil says to the King. Actually Neil, Nike is only there because she lost at rock paper scissors to her siblings. I wouldn’t say the King necessarily “chose” her. However, her grand entrance proves to the King her beauty and suddenly he seems very much in love with her.


The next morning, he is again sleeping in her bed beside her. She suddenly thinks he is actually cute when he is sleeping. Plot twist, he’s been awake the whole time, and refuses to leave the bed until she gives him a kiss. Neil chips in from the side with “just get it over with already, Princess.” No…this feels wrong…and rapey…and misogynist…and yuck I don’t feel good about this relationship.

I was very surprised to find that this show was written by a woman (Dai Shiina) because it feels so much like romance written from a male’s point of view. In addition, Nike feels like a strong female character at some points, and at others like a horrid anime girl cliche, who needs the man to save the day. Add in the fact that her motivation is to please, and “be worthy” of her man Livius. I’m not quite ready to junk the show yet, but it’s the lowest of the shows that I have left after the round of episode 3’s.

Interest Level: Medium Low

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