Black Bullet Episode 3 Recap – “The Children of Fate”

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Black Bullet Episode 3 Recap – “The Children of Fate”

We open on Sumire Muroto (the creepy scientist lady) having a discussion with Rentaro about whether Gastrea or the Cursed Children like Enju are messengers of God. Sumire stresses to him that Enju needs family, and that means Rentaro himself.

Rentaro gets a call from the school, where Enju has shown up at. At the school yard, she is met with distrust and fear by her former schoolmates. Rentaro tried to comfort her by suggesting a change of schools, but she breaks down and starts to cry, saying she doesn’t want to give up yet.

Before they can resolve the situation they are called away to take care of a Gastrea, a spider type that uses webs as parachutes. Enju has gone AWOL, and charges right after the Gastrea, defeated it quickly and efficiently. She has a slight breakdown though, as all she can think about is how she lost all her friends at school. Rentaro assures her that he will be there for her, before grabbing the Inherintance, which has fallen out of the defeated Gastrea. But look who’s here; Kagetane of course!


Kagetane uses a technique called “Maximum Pain” while Kohina stabs Rentaro from behind. Kagetane finishes the deal by shooting him twice through the chest, and he is propelled over a cliff. We are then treated to a flashback, where Muroto is talking to Rentaro from a operating table, and asks him “there’s a choice I want you to make”.

When he wakes up in the hospital, Kisara is watching over him. She informs him that the stolen Inheritance can summon a Stage Five Gastrea, one of the Eleven that tried to destroy the world as we know it. They have the power to break down the monoliths keeping the humans save as well. Seitenshi calls him personally and ask him to be in on the pursuit of Kagetane. Muroto relays a weapons stock to Rentaro from his “patron” as well as a “farewell” gift of experimental drugs. “What I did to you can’t be forgiven,” she adds, alluding to that quick flashback we got a few minutes ago.

On the hunt, Rentaro and Enju run afoul a Stage Four that looks like a hammerhead ostrich. They escape from it’s clutches to find Shogen’s Initiator, Senju Kayo, hiding in a small shelter. Her demeanour is very calm and calculated, much like a robot sent to due it’s duty. Shogen himself is nowhere to be found, as he went ahead on the mission.

Seitenshi and her entourage
Seitenshi and her entourage

Senju is envious of Enju for having a partner that cares about them, and has never made them kill any humans for them. Sadly, Shogen has already made her kill another team tonight. She expects herself to get used to it. Senju wonders if Rentaro has had to kill someone before, as someone with that “kind but scary face” must have a complicated past. Suddenly she starts to cry for the first time in her life, and doesn’t quite know what to do with this new feeling. The moment is broken however, by the walkie talkie crackling out a message from Shogen. He’s found and captured Kagetane.

Another solid episode of Black Bullet. While the whole “I’ve been shot twice but I’m fine” bit was totally unrealistic, it doesn’t feel out of place in this universe, and the show is good enough for me to let it slide. The Character moment with Senju was touching and I’m curious to see where all these interactions between Rentaro and the Cursed Children is heading to. Kagetane hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet, nor Enju so that is a plus! Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

Interest Level: High


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