Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 3 Recap – “Death Suppressants”

saoriIn which we are in full fan fiction territory…

Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 3 Recap – “Death Suppressants”

Kuroha shows up to school covered in bandages, but she doesn’t say why. Murakami checks up on the girls in the village, to discover Kuroha bleeding on the floor of Kana’s room. She asks him to drag her to the kitchen and get her a pill called a “Death Suppressant”, that they have to take every day or they will melt to death over the course of 35 hours. There’s only 10 pills left, 5 for her and 5 for Kana.

Kana orders Murakami to go chop firewood, and Kuroha joins him for a discussion. The house is then immediately on fire – as she left the water on to boil. Seriously, after all we have seen Kuroha do to be careful and in one moment she puts the house on fire? This is obviously there for dramatic tension and to make it so that they burn the last pills. Forced drama is not good drama.

But’s it ok guys, because Murakami has…memorized the drug code and found out which pharmaceutical company runs the lab where they can get more of the pills. There was no indication before that he had a photographic memory. Having it so clumsily introduced here makes it more of a plot point than a character trait.

kana and murakami

At the observatory, they find the location of the lab on the computer. The girls think to ask their friend Kazumi for help, as her power if apparently hacking technology. The shows doesn’t tell you this, no, but you can gather it from the opening theme song. Her price though, is half of the Death Suppressants that they will get.

The lab sends out a witch named Saori to kill our 3 heros. Bad news though, as Saori is ranked AA, above both Kana and Kuroha, who are lower ranked B classes. Saori has 2 magical powers; one is slicing through people and the second is yet to be revealed. Are we ranking witches as varieties of batteries now? Is the highest power level going to be AAA — it is? Oh god damnit show!

We also learn that Witches have a “harnest” that has 3 buttons. The first, causes the witch to “hang up” and they can’t use magic for a day. The second causes them to “eject”, which means they die. The third button is a mystery that is “worse than death.” >_> Hilariously, Crunchyroll misspelled harnest as “hahnest” for this episode. Which funnily enough, due to the way the show is set up, I had no idea if it was a typo or not.

Kana warns Murakami not to let Kuroha use her powers too much as she “loses things” when she does. Kazumi, who has been contacting them through the walkie talkie bugs them to get going, because in reality, she doesn’t have any pills left either.

Now it’s time for the “epic” stealing pills mission. Before they enter the lab, Kuroha gives Murakami a letter and asks him to read it once he gets inside, since they are splitting up. The letter basically says “I’ll be bait for Saori, you get the pills and run. I’ll be the sacrifice.” However, we all know he’s not going to let her do that, and will try to go save her instead. Back at the observatory, Kana gets a prediction that they will both die.

Saori slices Kuroha so that – some of her bra is showing – sigh…..oh great. Kuroha uses some of her magic but gets hung up. Murakami arrives on the scene and sees that Kuroha does indeed have the moles on her, just higher than they were when she was a kid. Meh. Well she is Kuroneko I guess. There goes that mystery : /. He also works it out that she loses her memory when she uses her powers…is this a freaking fan fiction? Seriously! Saori cuts her up and kills her, queuing the end of the episode.

there's the gore >_<

Bah. I can’t bring myself to care for any of these characters, even if Kuroha actually is dead. I came here for the aliens plot, not this witch/harem/fan fiction bs. Everything I liked about episode 1 is gone now, replaced by a lackluster and disorganized show. I’ll give this one more week then I’m jumping ship.

Interest Level: Low


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