Captain Earth Episode 3 Recap – “The Rainbow of Albion”

right in the mouthDecision time…

Captain Earth Episode 3 Recap – “The Rainbow of Albion”

As we open, we see that Daichi has been put into handcuffs for his stunt from last episode. Uncle Nishibuko removes the handcuffs though, and announces that the use of the Lead Gears (the headsets used to control Teppei and Hana) are now forbidden. This is much to the chagrin of Salty Dog Huff and Snuff (not his real name), who storms off.

Salty Dog and Nishibuko
Salty Dog and Nishibuko

Westvillage introduces them to Code Papillon/I’m Your Magical Girl, whose real name is Akari Yomatsuri, who also happens to be Uncle’s daughter. He hasn’t seen her in years due to his divorce from Governor Yomatsuri (the ship commander from last episode). Akari’s is an expert hacker, who fills our “they’reeeeeee wacky!!!!” character slot.

Cut to Uncle on a shopping trip with Teppei and Hana, where he apologizes for keeping them cooped up. It was Daichi’s resolve that made him realize his mistake. I seriously forgot Hana’s name between episodes and had to look up who she was on Wikipedia. She’s just that forgettable!


Daichi, Akari, Hana and Teppei are all now living with Uncle, who comically stresses “you’re growing young adults, so try to show some restraint.” Cue Hana walking into the room naked. >_<. We also get a nice moment between Teppei and Daichi, where the “surprise” game is back on.

Elsewhere, Salty Dog (still can’t believe that’s his name) contacts an anonymous person by way of….holding a coffee cup of to his ear? This show is seriously goofy. His contact is with the Ark Faction, who need to take control of Hana to achieve victory. (The show to us: “She’s important dammit! Believe us!!”)

In space, it’s the blue haired alien dude’s turn to attack Earth. I seriously had to look up his name (it’s Amara) because as far as I can remember he’s never been called by name in the series so far. That is one thing about Captain Earth; it’s really bad at introducing people, either never calling them by name, or introducing the character the next episode…when they aren’t in the scene. Anyways, Amara is the alien who killed Daichi’s dad nine years ago (I still don’t think Dad’s actually dead). Salty Dog plots to use this to his advantage.

Teppei and Daichi
Teppei and Daichi

And he does, by informing Daichi of who this Kiltgang is, causing Daichi to angrily take off in Earth Engine to engage the onrushing Amara. In other news, I’m already tired of the overlong transformation sequence. I bet they aren’t going to cut it short in any further episodes either, unfortunately. Pitz, who can apparently talk to Hana, lets her know. Both Hana and Teppei run off somewhere.

Akari succesfully hacks the German command satellite from the command room, aiding Daichi with missile fire. However, Daichi seems to be losing the fight – when another mech appears, powered by Hana’s singing…? What is it with anime and singing being powers for female characters? Seriously!

This mech is named Albion, and it shoots Amara’s mech right in the mouth, causing the alien to retreat. Teppei turns out to be the pilot, and Hana’s song is his power source, linked to something called “Princess Blume”.

There’s a couple awkward lines about God (odd placement to be honest) and the episode closes out with Teppei being a mope. It seems like Teppei might be that character that suddenly turns evil and emo later in the series. Meh…I’ll stay with this for now, but it’s not out of the woods yet.

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