Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 3 Recap – “The Forest Where The Hero Dwells”

dinner“Shocking Truth!”

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 3 Recap – “The Forest Where The Hero Dwells”

Chaika, Toru and Akari are still on the run from Gilette and crew, taking off from last episode. Travelling by public horse drawn cart, the coffin draws unwanted attention and dirty looks. Once they get into the next town, Akari goes to get food and supplies, while Chaika and Toru mask the coffin in packaging paper and rope. Toru also inquires about the next job, but Chaika dodges the question with a “Mwee?” “Dont Mwee me!”

Gilette is indeed in pursuit, and have correctly guessed that our heroes next step is to secure their own private transport. A show this season that has enemies (I wouldn’t peg them as villians just yet) that are actually smart? Whut is this? Vivi, the orange haired gal in Gilette’s crew calls Toru a coward, due to his position as a Saboteur, a sentiment we have seen before in the show.

At lunch, Toru tries another way to get to the heart of the matter and asks Chaika how she knew where to find Abarth. Chaika affably says she has an unknown informant. Exasperated, Toru asks if she can even grasp how big the situation actually is at this point. Is the informant one of those who want to rebuild the Gaz Empire? Akari has took in some rumors from around the town during her supply run; the ruler of the town is one of the heroes that they are looking for. Toru asks the woman serving them what the ruler is like and she replies that no one has ever actually seen the ruler or knows what they look like. Rumor is that it’s a female cavalier who has signed a contract with a dragoon, a powerful Fayla (the magical animals that roam this world). However, the ruler is said to be lenient and just, including not imposing taxes.

Zita (green hairs, glasses) and Vivi have been dispatched by Gilette to track them down. They mistakenly nab the wrong person carrying a coffin shaped package. Derp! Having spotted the Gilette vechicle, Toru and crew hide in the alleyway, when a mysterious boy appears behind them. It’s the same person who was floating in the air while they set out from the Acura’s house at the end of the last episode (not a woman as I thought he was >_<). Toru slashes at him, but his blade goes right through. It appears to be an illusion. Chaika stops him from attacking again, as it’s the mystery informant Chaika mentioned earlier.

Allo, je m'apelle Guy.
Allo, je m’apelle Guy.

The boy says he has no real name, but they can call him Guy (pronounced in the French manner). His info for the team is to go to the forest outside the town, where they will find some abandoned vehicles from the war. Inside that forest they will also find Dominica Scova, the ruler they are looking for. My guess for Guy is that he is in some form Chaika’s father Arthur Gaz, who is using his magical power to project “Guy”. There’s no saying that his brain, wherever it’s cooped up, can’t operate on it’s own.

Once in the forest, they find that Guy was not lying to them, as they come across 3 vehicles. Chaika cleans and rebuilds one of them, while Akari gathers more food and Toru lays some traps just in case. At dinner, Toru lays out a plan; they meet and barter with the ruler for the remains. Akari notices that it’s the first time in years that she has seen her brother so motivated.

Back with Gillette’s crew, unforutnately for them they have lost Chaika’s trail. The info Chief Conrad sent isn’t much help, as it is few and far between. We also learn an interesting development in the thick of things: they’ve captured Chaika’s in the past. Those that they did get their hands on wouldn’t give them any info or would just kill themselves on the spot.  This raises the question that if there are a large assortment of fake Chaika’s out there, what’s the reason? Is our Chaika a real or fake one? Count Abarth (from episode 1 and 2) did say something about her possibly being an “imitation.” Gilette et al wonder if Chaika would use the remains for evil purposes, and if not her, then what other evil organization would. It could be the very organization they are working for as well. The Cat Person chimes in with a very intriguing question to cap this all off; Did the Emperor ever have a daughter in the first place? The plot thickens!

Vivi and Gilette K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Vivi and Gilette K-I-S-S-I-N-G

As they travel through the forest, Toru asks Chaika how she escaped from the Gaz Empire during the war. I like how he doesn’t trust her completely and keeps asking questions so he knows where he stands. In other words, he’s not your blind shonen hero, as we have seen so far. Chaika reveals she was outside the nation during the war, and has no memories of it. She has vague memories from before the war and patches from the end of the war. Her only clear memories are from the last year.

Akari interrupts them to notify Toru that a pack of Orthos (wolf like creatures that use electric shock magic) have surrounded them. Toru grabs one of the Orthos by the collar and use him a shield, but it escapes. He is about to be eaten by the pack when a tall, blonde female warrior steps out of the tree line. She yells at the Orthos to get lost and the animals begin to back away…

Does Akari get to do anything in this show? Ok seriously, that my only gripe about the show so far. Otherwise it’s been a fun ride, will a full fledged well written plot. It’s set up a lot of plot lines and each episode has it’s own surprises to discover. It remains to be seen if all these different plot developments implode on each other, but I’m confident at this point that Chaika – The Coffin Princess will pull it off.

Interest Level: High


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