Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 4 Recap – “Lost Memories”

saoriDerp de derp, girls have booooobbbbbssss….

Brynhildr In The Darkness Episode 4 Recap – “Lost Memories”

So apparently Kuroha has just been killed by Saori. In a rage, Murakami stabs Saori in the heart and demands she turn back time, which is revealed to be her second power. She can only go back one minute though, for the purposes of DRAMA! She kills Murakami as well, but we know she’s going to turn back time anyways so there’s absolutely no tension here.

Going back a minute “hangs her up” and she is unable to fight with magic. Also, because of that time switch, Murakami never makes the discovery of Kuroha’s moles. To him Kuroha is not Kuroneko, even though we know she is. ~_~ Screw you show.

Murakami comes to the conclusion that “harnest could be English for harnessed.” – O.O >_< Really Murakami? REALLY? Saori tries to attack them with physical force, but her third button  is activated and she melts alive, like the witch in episode 2. A small green blob with eyes crawls out of her and Murakami steps on it, calling it a “witch parasite.” Also “harnest” = “her nest.” WTF SHOW. Why not just call it “nest” instead?

So we then smash cut to them heading back to the observatory. Apparently they escaped with two boxes of Death Suppressant pills without any other issues. So the lab knew they were coming, and sent someone after them in advance, yet had no back up plan to stop them if they beat Saori? This is like something a child would act out with their toys instead of an actual plot. I would know because I did it when I was a kid (minus the boobs and blood). They arrive back at the observatory to find that Kazumi has divided her last pill between her and Kana. She takes one of the boxes and buggers off.

Kuroha then goes on the summer trip and experiences the sea, and begins to fit in at school. Murakami eventually figures out that she loses memories again, so I guess that’s a positive. It’s hard to find one in this episode to be honest.

I fail to care.
I fail to care.

On their way home, which is now the observatory for the girls, Kuroha shows him a small cell phone like device and a tube that she describes as a fertilized alien egg. You mean aliens do exist in this show that was sold as a show that deals with aliens? It’s raining though, so Murakami recommends that Kuroha washes herself off — at the local onsen (hot spring)…..*bangs head against desk*

Let me describe the next few minutes. “Derp de derp maybe I’ll get to see her breasts.” “Hey look it’s me Kazumi, and I’m nekked!” *Strategic placement of lens flare to cover boobies* “Whoops I’m Murakami and I tripped and groped you Kuroha” “I’m leaving now T_ T” “I forgot to check for her moles” *facedesk until bleeding profusely* GAHHHHHH ——–

At the lab Random Witch #389472 reveals the location of our heroes to the blonde scientist, who is named Chief Ichijuki. He kills her immediately after. Back at the observatory, Kazumi has moved in with Kana and Kuroha, but not before Murakami treats us to a “your boobs are small” joke. She also joins their high school.

Ichijuki meets with a MYSTERIOUS COUNCIL who prod him to move “the plan” forward. He tells them not to worry since they have already sent a witch out to take care of things. Whaddaya know, a new girl shows up at the observatory, looking to join the astronomy club. Her rank is AA+, because she’s a rechargeable battery type (sarcasm).

I have no interest in continuing this series at this point. It’s all a giant fan fiction/rehash of Lyn Okamato’s other work “Elfen Lied”. I need more than boobs and blood to keep my interest in a show. The lapses in logic aren’t filled by characters because there are no real characters in this show. I won’t miss wasting my time with Brynhildr In The Darkness.


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