Captain Earth Episode 4 Recap – “Assault of the Planetary Gear”

aliensTeam Rocket?

Captain Earth Episode 4 Recap – “Assault of the Planetary Gear”

In this episode, the aliens Amara (I still don’t think he’s actually been called by name in the series) and Moco invade the base and come face to face with our heroes. But before we get to that, Teppei and Hana are both currently in testing at the base.

In Hana’s test, we learn that she has an extra organelle that regular humans don’t. That’s it for Hana this episode if you were wondering. The show keeps telling me she’s super important, but I just don’t see it. In Teppei’s test, Westvillage explains to him that the machine he piloted was stolen from Macbeth Enterprises around the same time they “acquired” Teppei. He also accuses Teppei not of controlling the Kiltgang Albion, but being Albion itself. In private, Nishibuko asks Westvillage and Rita (orange hair, glasses) to keep this new info quiet, even from HQ. To him, Albion helped Earth Engine win.

Bad news time, as the aliens have arrived on Earth and they’re driving a crepe van. Who comes to buy crepes but Daichi and Akari, on their way to the base themselves. Once at the base, Daichi learns that Teppei is still in the interrogation room. When Nishibuko allow him to go talk to Teppei, Rita asks if Uncle is being too soft on Daichi. Teppei confides to Daichi that as a kid he was proud of the fact he could produce a rainbow ring with his hands, but now he wants to hide it. He also mutters to himself that he somehow always knew he wasn’t who he thought he was. Daichi, ever the happy go lucky shonen lead that he is, gives Teppei back the Surprise necklace. I joke, but these exchanges between the two are some of the best moments in Captain Earth so far.

Bad news Teppei
Bad news Teppei

Under the crepe ruse and some sort of illusion trick, the aliens knock out the security gate guards and inject the base’s defense system with a virus. The alarm alerts those inside the base and Nishibuko heads out with Rita and Thunder (the black guy, glasses). The aliens have blown a hole in the interrogation room, for it appears they are after Teppei.

Teppei, who has been momentarily knocked out, comes to with both aliens pointing guns at him. Daichi, on the other hand, is out cold in the corner. Amara greets him as Alaya, not Teppei, who rejects the name. Moco wonders if he is a traitor to their cause, which Teppei doesn’t answer.

Nishibuko, Rita, Thunder and some soldiers break into the room and a battle is about to start, when Akari hacks the defense system back online. The aliens retreat back to their crepe truck, which has a hidden mobile tech inside it. The battle continues onto the beach (heh, every episode either ends on the beach or in space) where Teppei confronts Amara and says he’ll go with them if they stop attacking. Daichi the Shonen hero, stops him from leaving, and uses the power of nakama (always useful :P) to summon Livlaster and shoot the mobile tech. This time the aliens escape, and make like Team Rocket. Someone in the comments on Crunchyroll made this hilarious comparison, and another person joked that Daichi is Ash and Teppei is Pikachu. I love it!

Earth Engine and Albion
Earth Engine and Albion

It definitely looks like Teppei/Alaya will be the character to either betray or heroically sacrifice themselves in this series. Another path could be he becomes Daichi’s rival, while working with the alien team. My gut feeling is an good guy role is not in the cards for this dude. Hana was severely underused again this episode. I know it’s only episode 4, but the rate at which they keep telling us she is so integral to everyone’s plans would make you think they might spend more time with her character. At any rate, I completely forgot she was in this episode. Plenty of time to fix these problems though, and I’m still fairly interested in where they are taking this.


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