Haikyu!! Episode 4 Recap – “The View From The Summit”

long live the kingIn which there are many chest grabs…

Haikyu!! Episode 4 Recap – “The View From The Summit”

In an opening dream sequence, Kageyama remembers when his teammates, fed up with his attitude, quit on him mid game, and let his toss go untouched on purpose.

At the scene of the game, Tsukishima is his usual self and razzes all three members of Hinata’s team, especially Kageyama. I hope some of his shenanigans are curbed later in the series, as the constant barrage of his sullen face is getting old fast. The game starts with a spike by Tanaka, who blows it by Tsukishima and to celebrate, strips off and shirt and helicopters it above his head. >_<


Hinata’s first chance for a spike is blocked easily by Tsukishima, who smirks his smirky-smirk. Not even Kageyama’s serve can get them points, as Captain Sawamura, who is the third member of the opposition, has a solid receive as his main weapon. Trying for a knockout punch mentally, Tsukishima tells everyone the story of when Kageyama tried to make his tosses faster to beat the high blocks. None of his middle school teammates could match the toss, so naturally he got angry at them. They then purposely ignored his toss, as we saw in the dream/flashback, prompting Kageyama’s coach to bench him.

Hinata fires back by saying that it was the past and doesn’t matter. “It doesn’t matter, just toss to me!” *Chest Grab to show emotion of the moment* Tanaka is amazed at the two, for trying fast attacks without even properly knowing what they are. However, their attempts to complete it keep coming up short. Tsukishima gloats that Hinata just isn’t tall enough, so Hinata gives us another psych up speech, with the added bonus of a second intense chest grab. We Goin’ Crazy Here People!

Pah or gwah?
Pah or gwah?

It’s still not working, so it’s pep talk time from Sugawara, who convinces Kageyama that he has to use Hinata’s strengths to synchronize their game. Kageyama’s message to Hinata is to stop trying to hit the ball by looking at it, and just hit the ball. They line up for the spike and this time the spike finally works. Captain Daichi is shocked to find that Hinata had his eyes closed the whole time!

It seems to be a fluke though, as the game continues without anymore success from Hinata. Kageyama then gives him a second piece of advice; if you can’t spike it, avoid it. Hinata does just that, faking out both Tsukishima and Sawamura, and gets another point. Shared Victory Pose, engage!

And -- Victory pose.
And — Victory pose.

This series is nothing new to the sports genre, as it follow many of it’s tropes, but for whatever reason it’s just stuck to me. It looks like next episode we will finally finish off the game, and see if Kageyama will indeed be able to be a setter on the team.


2 thoughts on “Haikyu!! Episode 4 Recap – “The View From The Summit””

  1. I’m not entirely sure about the cliche tropes since don’t watch a lot of sports anime but really enjoying it. Not one episode has been uninteresting.

  2. I definitely agree with you on the fact the show isn’t uninteresting at all. I’m always entertained with each episode. and I got used to the over the top ness over the next few episodes as well.

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