One Week Friends Episode 4 Recap – “Fighting With Friends”

wandering homeJealousy and dramatics! Fetch quests!

One Week Friends Episode 4 Recap – “Fighting With Friends”

After Shogo helped out Fujimiya last episode, there’s now a rumour going around school that Fujimiya is friends with Shogo. One of his classmates asks him straight up and Shogo nonchalantly answers “I guess.”

Naturally, Hase is jealous, as any 12 year old kid with a crush would be. Shogo doles out the truth though, telling Hase that he “should have just told them you were her friend too.” Hase, continually flustered, retaliates that he was “just waiting for the right time.” Shogo plants one more truth bomb on Hase; “Things will never change if you stay that way.”

i hate you

At lunch, Hase asks where Fujimiya got the roof key. Inoue, their homeroom teacher, gave it to her in exchange for help in writing a math quiz once. The conversation then switches to the recent sighting of a seal in the nearby river. Fujimiya hasn’t seen it yet because she takes the train home. The problem is that they can’t go together because they are silly gooses who are totally crushing on each other. But if Kiryu (Shogo) comes along with them it wouldn’t look weird to their classmates. Hase does his best mopey jealous face, and believes that Fujimiya has “feelings” for Shogo.

Fujimiya takes his response entirely the wrong way, and upset, leaves for home early. On her way home she ends up at the river bank without even knowing it. Still in a daze, she walks straight into a passing cyclist, her stuff tumbling into the grass. She gathers up her things and continues on home – leaving the diary behind, hidden in the grass. It rains all the way home, causing Fujimiya to faint, knocking the poster that instructs her to read the diary every Monday off of her door. This whole sequence was a medium amount of silly. I can definitely see kids acting this way in real life. Losing the diary was also fairly realistic, but the whole fainting so that she hits the poster was a bit silly. Still, it sets up some palpable dramatic tension.

Fast forward to Tuesday, where Fujimiya has been home sick since Friday. She comes to class and Hase immediately apologizes, but unfortunately she doesn’t know who he is. In fact she is frightened by him and asks to be left alone. She does however, remember who Shogo is once again (like last episode).

Distraught, Hase convinces Shogo to skip first period. Hase panics and thinks Fujimiya, due to their fight last week, forgot him on purpose. Shogo, ever the sensible one, considers the possibility she lost the diary by mistake. “You think she’s so heartless that she would forget you over one argument?” Realising his mistake Hase jets off to find the diary.

Shogo makes the rounds to Fujimiya, and like a true and loyal friend, attempts to jog Fujimiya’s memory about the lost diary. She notices the absence of something important but doesn’t know quite what it is. She demands that he doesn’t tell her what she forgot though; she’ll only get better if she remembers on her own. In addition, Shogo says that if she runs into “the guy from earlier in the day” to talk to him, since it would make him very happy. On her way home from school, she sees Hase asking the station manager about the diary, but before she can call out to him he has already left to look elsewhere.

shogo and fujimiya

The next day, it’s Hase who is absent. At lunch, Fujimiya is eating by herself, when she finally remembers. She rushes to the river bank, where Hase is searching desperately for the diary. Fujimiya tentatively asks if he is doing this for him or for her, and Hase admits that it’s probably a bit of both. In return, she reassures him that she didn’t throw away whatever she’s forgotten/lost on purpose. The wind and the swelling music are at soap opera levels of drama during this whole scene, yet it didn’t bother me. The tone of the show has long ago established that it’s incredibly cheesy. It does it in a heartwarming manner though, so I don’t really fault it for it’s emotional manipulation.

Still searching, Hase trips and stumbles, causing Fujimiya to unconsciously call out “Hase-kun!” The honorific kun is used for people who someone is very emotionally attached to, or has known and liked for a long time. Turns out the thing he tripped on was the diary, which he returns. She thanks him with a huge smile, and holds his hand to her cheek. Hase is delighted that they could do something so natural like fight and make up, even with their unusual situation. Shogo is watching from a distance and his response is beautiful: “Sigh. I’ll guess I’ll have to get him to treat me sometime.” Shogo has definitely become my favorite character of One Week Friends.

This show is a nice delight in the plethora of grimdark that has ruled anime in the last couple of seasons. Among the shoujo and romance series, it has just enough drama in it so that it’s not too over the top. It’s also not nearly as sexist or male-driven than say – The World Is Still Beautiful.


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