Black Bullet Episode 5 Recap – “The Crimson Black Assassin”

tired tinaMostly just a set up episode for next week…

Black Bullet Episode 5 Recap – “The Crimson Black Assassin”

Kisara has a new job for Rentaro, even in the immediate aftermath of last episode’s many (seemly inconsequential) reveals. Seitenshi, the Tokyo area representative that sent them after the Kagetane’s, wants to hire Rentaro and Enju as bodyguards. Rentaro makes a visit to Seitenshi and – wait, hold on a sec – no reaction from Kisara about her grandfather being behind the Kagetane plot? None at all? Seriously? Uhm, ok show. Kikunojo by the way, has been removed to China or Russia. So basically, last episode’s plot development has no real matter in the grand scheme. Thanks for that.

Rentaro doesn’t take the job immediately, but when he is attacked in secret by the head guard and two others, he decides to sign up, since not even her own guards can be trusted. Now on his way out of the courtyard, she spies three guys bullying a little girl by the water fountain. If you are even paying the least bit of attention, you’ll know that she’s another Cursed Child without the show even revealing that to us. After he chases off the bullies, the girl downs some caffeine pills and introduces herself as Tina Sprout. She’s still in her pajamas, hasn’t showered all day, and is walking but not riding a bike. Either she’s a comedic relief character or she’s just playing him off so she can scope him out. Rentaro gives her his phone number to call if she is in trouble. Later, as she walks back to her apartment, her phone rings and a man tells her to assassinate Seitenshi. The other obvious reveal is wasted when she attacks a police officer with her Gastrea powers. No surprises here, but hey,  I can still enjoy the show despite that.

Serious business face
Serious business face

Rentaro and Enju are eating dinner when a random woman shows up on their doorstep. She is Shiba Miori, the daughter of the president of Shiva Heavy Weapons, and a former high school classmate of Rentaro. Shiba Heavy Weapons supplies Rentaro with his Varanium bullets and Enju with her battle shoes. I’m also thinking that this is the “patron” that Sumire hinted at a couple of episodes ago. Kisara is home as well, and that means it’s time for wacky shenanigans; both women hate each other.

After that sidetrack, Rentaro starts his bodyguard job. He escorts Seitenshi to a meeting with a President Saitake, who is pissed that Rentaro destroyed the “Big F’in Gun” from last episode when they shot the Stage Five Gastrea. Saitake was planning to use it to threaten other countries, in an attempt to make Japan the most powerful country in the World. Seitenshi suspects he is getting help from other countries in exchange for Varanium, in his bid to control all five areas of Tokyo. In transport in Seitenshi’s limo, she offers Rentaro full time employment as her bodyguard – actually, she pretty much orders him to accept it. Her mission is to unite the areas of Tokyo and bring some measure of peace.

evil dude

Suddenly the car windows are blown out by gunfire. Rentaro grabs Seitenshi and they dive out of the way before the car explodes behind them. A rooftop sniper tries to take out Seitenshi, but Enju jumps in and kicks the bullet away. Enju knuckles down to fight – but the attacker has already left.

Good ole Tina is our sniper, who notices that Seitenshi had a civil officer protecting her, but didn’t see who that civil officer was. Obviously the fact Rentaro saved her from the bullies will come into factor next episode. I can read this show like a book unfortunately, and I’m not usually that good at reading plot lines. Especially since the next episode is called “Tragic Irony”…

Tina Sprout
Tina Sprout

This episode was all set up for the likely payoff next week. If it is done in the same way they resolved the Kagetane chase, then it will be just as lackluster. I sincerely hope it isn’t, not because the show is in danger of dropping my interest, but because it’ll just make it a little less enjoyable. Fingers crossed!


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