Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 5 Recap – “The Pursuer and The Pursued”

Fredrica you rockFredrica, you can totally stay!

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 5 Recap – “The Pursuer and The Pursued”

Surprises, plot twists, and hilarity all contained in this episode that cemented Chaika – The Coffin Princess as my (tied) favorite show of the season (with Mushi-shi Season 2). I know that it’s only got thirteen episodes slated, but I’m not worried if this show can bring all the plot strings together for a satisfying conclusion. As such, I’m not going to give away the whole episodes in these recaps.

Gilette’s team are taking a quick break before they get back on Chaika’s trail. After a comedic interlude about Vivi’s mad crush on Gilette, Leonardo the cat person (who IS a dude! Confusion diverted!) arrives with new info. The wanted posters he put out for Chaika and crew have been answered, and they were spotted in the nearby town of Perimeral. However the description given to him doesn’t exactly match Toru and Akari, just that there was a man and a woman travelling with Chaika.

more Saboteurs?
more Saboteurs?

As Toru, Chaika, and Akari travel by night, their path forward is blocked by a cloaked girl who won’t move out of the way. Toru begins to fight her; she uses a long sword that transforms into a snake-like blade that lashes at him. After some handy dandy dodging, he slashes away the figure’s hood – to find another Chaika, donned in red with cropped, tomboyish hair. Another male-female pairing of Saboteurs are helping out this Red Chaika – who has a Gundo just like White Chaika’s. This just got really, really interesting. Even though the Gilette crew talked about the other Chaika’s they encountered in Episode 4, seeing it in the flesh just cemented the compelling plot even more.

The two Saboteur teams take each other’s Chaika’s as captors, and both in their own comedic ways, drill them for info on just what is going on. At the same time, Leonardo and Matheus of the Gilette corps prepare to capture both teams. I won’t give away the findings they come to, but they are certainly interesting. There’s also a significant difference between the two Chaika’s, and their end goal with their father’s remains.

The same but very different.
The same but very different.

The two Chaika corps agree to meet at the riverbank as the episode ends, setting up for an exciting next episode! I’m so curious about the conclusion for this show that I could kill that cat boy. My only gripe about this episode is the fact Fredrica wasn’t in it enough, as the Dragoon is a damn funny character. Scrolling through the comments for people’s theories on Chaika was entertaining. My own theory concerns the fact the Emperor was split into pieces when he was killed, but I think the show has more than that in store for us. For instance, who is Guy, and what does he have to do with all this? I think you can tell that I’m enjoying it though, and I look forward to what happens next.


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