Haikyu!! Episode 5 Recap – “A Coward’s Anxiety”

teammatesDamn I enjoyed this episode.

Haikyu!! Episode 5 Recap – “A Coward’s Anxiety”

Last episode, Hinata and Kageyama had finally found a way to best utilize their weapons and perform a fast attack serve. Their three on three contest match begins to turn around…so much that they take the first set from Tsukishima’s team. Sugawara notices that Kageyama’s tosses are getting more and more accurate. However, the one who brought them out of him was Hinata.

Hinata Cannon Special Attack!
Hinata Cannon Special Attack!

After taking the second set and winning the game, Daichi welcomes both Hinata and Kageyama to the team. At first Daichi thought that Hinata would merely be a good weapon for Kageyama to use, but they have actually made each other better. Tsukishima seems sullen about the result (he always seems sullen though). All four first years are given their team jackets by Shimizu, who is again, the only girl in this show.

Immediately following that, the volleyball club advisor Takeda Ittetsu rushes into the gym and announces they have a practice match scheduled with Aoba Josai, one of the top four teams in the prefecture. Josai’s one condition is that Kageyama must play as setter the whole game. In addition, the Josai team includes Kageyama’s old teammates. Sugawara, the official setter of the team, agrees with it since they don’t get the chance to play against a top team that often. He also wants to see how the Hinata – Kageyama combo functions against an elite team. The game is as soon as the next Tuesday.

But...I don't want to wear the jacket...
But…I don’t want to wear the jacket…

Kageyama apologizes to Suga and admits that he doesn’t have the trust of the team just yet; he will earn his place as setter instead of just taking it. Hinata on the other hand, is simply caught up in the fact he’s actually on a volleyball team. After asking Kageyama for confirmation, Daichi announces the positions for the practice match. Kageyama explains to Hinata that he is the ultimate diversion which could bring them victory, or lose them the game. In the three on three, when Hinata was double blocked, Kageyama would toss to Tanaka instead for an uncontested spike. Hinata is also placed in a blocking position, not because they want him to block the spikes, but to get a hand on them to slow them down and make it easier to receive and return.

Hinata begins to feel the pressure and becomes so flustered that he puts on his jacket as pants. Then he wear Tanaka’s pants instead of his own. He seems about to throw up at any moment. Even Tsukishima seems wary about teasing him. They set off on the bus towards the practice match, and Hinata is white as a ghost. Daichi asks Kageyama if he thinks Hinata will be ok, only to have Hinata throw up on Tanaka. XD

I'm fine...really..*throws up*
I’m fine…really…*throws up*

Haikyu!! has become one of the funniest shows of this season. It’s more of a comedy at the moment than a serious sports anime, but I enjoy that they went in this direction instead of the super serial. It helps that the characters are likeable, especially Hinata and Tanaka, and the team acts pretty realistically. Good amounts of bugging each other and rivalries within the team, but still gelling enough that they operate well together. Even Kageyama hasn’t been a negative the last couple of episodes; he seems to have changed for the better. I didn’t think I would be so invested in this show at the beginning of the season, so I’m pleasantly surprised. 😀


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