Mushi-shi Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – “Mirror Lake”

mirrorIn this episode we learn men are dicks…

Mushi-shi Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – “Mirror Lake”

Since Mushi-shi is tied with Chaika – The Coffin Princess as the best show of the season for me, I’m not going to give away whole episodes in these recaps. Both shows are good enough for me not to do that, and hopefully allow you to check out the shows for yourself. Onto this week’s Mushi-shi!

A young woman runs to a small lake within the forest, where she kneels by the bank and brushes her hair, using the reflection of the water as a mirror. After she has left, a translucent shape that seems to roughly copy her head structure wanders towards the bank. When she arrives home, her mother finds a trail of water leading to her room.

Ginko is resting in the same forest, when he hears running water. He spies the woman walking slowly along the path, while a blob of water trails just behind her. This young lady is Masumi, and her parents tell Ginko that she’s depressed since the man she was in love with left her. Using a basin of water, Ginko asks her to check for her reflection, but shockingly she has none. This mushi is the Mizukagami (Water Mirror), who has stolen her reflection. The Mizukagami will copy their target, following them around as their target slowly weakens due to their presence. The more the original weakens, the more the Mizukagami becomes physically solid. This continues until the original loses their physical form completely, and the mushi takes their place.

The solution for Masumi is simple; in the moment before the Mizukagami replaces the original she must show it’s reflection to it, causing it to disintegrate. Her weapon of choice is her hand mirror, but she won’t let anyone polish it, and she won’t polish it herself. The man she was in love with was a mirror polisher and he left town after breaking her heart. “I don’t want a tomboy like you for a wife, I want someone with a better temperament,” he said to her before booking town. Ouch, dick.

masumi's mirror

Masumi’s story resolves in a surprising manner, as it’s a bit of a different change for an Mushi-shi episode, at least during this season. I haven’t seen the original series yet, but I will definitely do so eventually. It’s a funny conclusion, and even a compassionate one. Fans of the original series tell me it was much darker, and even more depressing, so we will see if that rears it head in the coming episodes. See you next week!


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