One Week Friends Episode 5 Recap – “New Friends”

fujimiya and yamagishi“Dont make scary faces! Smile!”

One Week Friends Episode 5 Recap – “New Friends”

Things are moving in the right direction for Hase and Fujimiya, as last week she subconsciously called him “Hase-kun”. Shogo proved what a loyal friend he was by setting it up behind the scenes, and also in the process, cementing him as my favorite character in the series.

This week, Hase’s opening narration reminds us of their agreed upon rule that they can’t speak to each other in class. Fujimiya doesn’t want people talking about Hase behind his back the way they talk about her. Seems a bit silly, but from what I remember of grade school, it’s not too far from the truth. Hase doesn’t mind it because he can be a “special” friend.

As the lunch bell rings, Hase is called away by his teacher Inoue for a private chat about his flagging grades. Fujimiya awaits him on the roof patiently, but this time it’s not Hase who joins her. Instead, it’s a short girl with blue-grey hair and a white ribbon. She introduces herself as Yamagishi Saki, and asks if she can be friends with Fujimiya. She’s always looked up to Fujimiya for her maturity and (percieved, obviously) togetherness. She seems to be more than a little odd, but that’s probably why she doesn’t bother me 🙂 She can’t eat lunch with them every day, but she’ll come when she can. Fujimiya tries to tell her that she only shows this side of herself on the roof, but Saki doesn’t understand. Thankfully, she accepts Fujimiya without a worry. That was…weirdly….adorable…stop making me aww at the screen….. *dies*

The next day, Yamagishi completely forgets the “don’t talk to me” rule and without a care, tries to engage Fujimiya in a regular conversation in the school hallway. Embarrassed, Fujimiya reiterates the rule without giving away her condition. Saki still isn’t that clear on what she means, so later she talks to her directly, in the middle of class, much to Fujimiya’s further dismay. Fujimiya admits to Hase that she enjoys her company though, as she is “cheerful and interesting.” She’s still wary since she knows if they become actual friends, she’ll just forget Yamagishi.

I'm being replaced O_O
I’m being replaced O_O

Hase and Fujimiya agree that she should break her own rule of not talking to anyone around the school. Nervously, she approaches Yamagishi in class and explains her condition to her. Yamagishi finally understands, as she herself is fairly forgetful. People’s names and discussions slip from her mind fairly easily. Fujimiya posits that it’s not really the same, but Yamagishi counters with the only difference being that Fujimiya forgets on a specific day. After all, it’s better than never knowing what piece of info you are going to forget. Hase and Shogo have made it to the roof, to find that Yamagishi has eaten his lunch, is calling Fujimiya by her first name (Kaori), and has already organized a date to hang out. Cue Hase getting flustered! But, my time with Fujimiya! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *DUN DUN DUN!*

Skip to Friday, where Fujimiya and Yamagishi meet up after school to go for crepes and shopping before taking a rest by the river side. Fujimiya is worried people will gossip about Saki if they are seen together, but Yamagishi brushes the concerns aside. Hase and Shogo tail them along the way like creepers. “You are already plenty creepy enough.” Shogo snaps at Hase hilariously. “Don’t be jealous of a girl,” he adds later. Like a dum dum, Hase thinks she is having way more fun with Yamagishi then with him.

Even so, he likes Yamagishi because of her cheerfulness. Shogo remembers her from elementary school, where she was bullied for being short and shy. She’s changed quite a bit since then. “Why didn’t you say anything?” Hase asks. “I couldn’t be bothered.” Shogo mutters. Good on you Shogo :P. As Yamagishi waves goodbye and heads off, Fujimiya begins to cry, knowing that Monday is fast approaching.


Come Monday, the day of reckoning is upon us, and so is Yamagishi’s discovery that Fujimiya really did forget. Instead of being put off though, Yamagishi is amazed that it really is true. Good news though – Fujimiya does remember the crepes and sharing them with someone. Yamagishi’s two friends also introduce themselves to Fujimiya. Delighted, Fujimiya lets out a joyful laugh – which stuns everyone in the classroom. “Don’t make scary faces! Smile!” Yamagishi tells her.

The good news doesn’t stop there either, as she turns around, and smiles directly at Hase. She recognizes him, without him even doing anything, and it’s a Monday. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you gotta be dead. But in the back of my mind, as the episode ended, I couldn’t help but think to myself; where’s the catch? What’s going to go wrong? I hope I’m proven wrong in the episodes to come, but that nagging feeling in my mind won’t go away.


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