The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 5 Recap – “Ring of Tales Part 2”

I suddenly love youThis was bad. Really bad.

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 5 Recap – “Ring of Tales Part 2”

We pick up right after the masked assassins have cornered Nike in the Sun God Temple. Without the wind to help her generate her magic, she has to use other methods to escape. Seems like a situation that will be pretty exciting no? Well, in a word – no. Damn.

Nike uses her cloak to snuff out the fire of her torch, and momentarily blind the assassins while she sneaks by them. She doesn’t get far though, as a mysterious figure grabs her from behind and drags her into the drainage system for the tunnels. It’s Livius – he’s snuck in using a secret passage known only to the royal family. *sigh* I truly wanted Nike to struggle this episode, to find her own way out without any help from Livius at all. This just makes everything completely anti-climatic. In addition, I feel like Nike is becoming less and less of a strong character each episode. Livius posits that the “Rite of Illumination” is just a front for assassinating princesses the Rani’s don’t like. Like….duh. *hair flip* Nike uses her powers to generate fog and mask their escape up the secret royal exit. And at a grand total of 5 minutes into the episode, Nike is out of the tunnels. There goes that tension the episode might have had (read with absolute sarcasm).

Before they can relax, one of the attackers strikes at Nike, but misses and slices the ring (that Livius gave Nike last episode) in half, causing Livius to furiously disarm the man. He is about to deliver the killing blow when Nike stays his hand, and they escape a second time. No matter, the masked men will let Rani Aristes know what happened down in the tunnels, particularly Livius’ breach of tradition.

At this point, I was thinking the episode has been horrid so far. Little did I know just how craptastic it would turn out to be. As the two lovebirds run, the screen was suddenly covered in complete black. A title card slowly spelt out “he’s acting” *pause* “strangely” *pause*. At first I was confused. This hasn’t happened in any of the previous episodes. But they continued on with their foolish endeavour. Another title card – “he’s trembling” followed by another “This is / all/ my fault.” Then it hit me. The show is telling us what Nike and Livius are thinking when they aren’t talking. ~_~ Honestly? You couldn’t add a voiceover of this? If you had no time for that and had to add title cards in post production…you really shouldn’t have bothered at all. Thanks for making me feel stupider than I already am The World Is Still Beautiful.

Kill me now ~_~
Kill me now ~_~

“If It means I wouldn’t lose you, I would throw everything away.” Livius admits. There’s a sliding chord and shooting stars fly in the night sky. The music swells and she kisses him on the forehead, while the sun begins to rise in the background. >_< Why am I still watching this?

Whatever, let’s just get this done. At the “Exchanging of the Suns” ceremony, Nike and Livius show up without the ring. Instead Livius announces that Nike will put a ring around the sun. What does that mean…ah…ohhhhhhh….OH NOOOOOO >_> She makes…a white rainbow…….around the sun…goddammit…..I think I feel my brain fluid leaking out both ears.

The Rani’s tries to tell the onlooking crowd that Livius entered the tunnels against the rules of the ritual.  Cue a smirk from Livius and another dumb title card; “Those were/ the words/ I was/ waiting for.” Rani Aristes’ plot is revealed, and Nike gets to punch him in the face, which we don’t even get to see. Hold on a freaking second here – didn’t we get told last episode that if Nike even touched him she would lose her position as Princess? Remember your own continuity show!!

I'm envisioning slapping the show runners
I’m envisioning slapping the show runners

We close on the sentiment that “we only have half a ring, but it contains so much more feelings inside it….” Gag me. The next episode preview seals it for me – ~_~ – Livius’ ahem….Fiancee arrives in town. This was such a disappointment of an episode, as you can probably tell by what I’ve written. However, there’s still a teeny part of me that has some hope for this show. I’m going to try one more week, one more episode. Hopefully it’s going to be worth it. I sincerely doubt it at this point though.

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