Captain Earth Episode 6 Recap – “Kivotos Plan”

puck and kubeA recap central episode.

Captain Earth Episode 6 Recap – “Kivotos Plan”

Ok ok, I kid. It wasn’t really a recap episode, but it did spend a significant amount of time re-telling us things we already knew, along with giving us some new info. Something new is the fact that CEO Kube is Amara and Moco’s boss, at least in his eyes. It’s obvious to me though, by the look on their faces, that they are just playing along with the scheme until it’s time to dispose of Kube.

At the Globe base, Yomatsuri calls Nishibuko and lays a “you owe me, ex-hubby” on him for the Eiji Arashi debacle last episode. Akari hacks into the conversation and asks them about the Kivotos Plan. Like we found out last episode, it’s an last ditch escape plan for humanity devised by the Ark Faction. Akari really has a weird relationship with both her parents. Elsewhere, Kube is chatting to Puck (the giant AI eyeball) and reiterates his “only the people I want alive will remain” plan. Again, all things we already knew from previous episodes. Even so, I’m not complaining too much, as for once the show is trying to clarify things, something it has failed to do in every episode before. The attempt wasn’t completely successful, but it at least was a valiant one.

They aren’t done quite yet, as we recount Hana and Daichi’s first meeting and the reasons why Hana was created. Daichi: “You’re not a tool…you are a real person.” Hana: “They [Globe] don’t think so.” I don’t think so either, as the show hasn’t done enough to make me care about Hana at all. She utterly bores me as a character.

Some semi-new info comes from Teppei, who tells Akari that he was created from a thing called Ego Block (fancy term for AI most likely). Because of that, Teppei and the other aliens are basically immortal. As a special treat, we have a metaphor in the form of a glass ball stuck in a soda bottle. Poignant?

Amara and Moco (They DO have names!)
Amara and Moco (They DO have names!)

Though I have to give the show points for smacking Kube around this episode. The aloof CEO is certain that he is in complete control, due to what he thinks is an exclusive relationship with Puck. Amara and Moco however, are Puck’s true masters. Puck also seems to be controlling Salty Dog, and directs him to capture Hana. I’ve just found out that Salty Dog isn’t actually his name, but rather the organization that he works for. Again, this show is not so good at introducing characters. XD

Daichi’s legal guardian Toshiaki shows up to collect Daichi and take him back home. He and Daichi have a private conversation – that is interrupted when Salty Dog kidnaps Hana. They don’t actually say Salty Dog’s name this episode so I’m just going to call him Salty Woof Woof :P.

The ensuing faceoff between Daichi and Salty Woof Woof is anticlimactically resolved in one move – by Daichi knocking Salty Dog over with his boomerang. Dude, Salty, you suck at this :P. Toshiaki sees strength in Daichi that he didn’t see before and lets him stay at the base.

In the last scene, Nishibuko, Westvillage and Rita (orange hair, glasses) weigh out their current options. Globe supports both the Ark Faction and the Intercept Faction. Ark is putting their faith in the Kivotos Plan, while Intercept is banking on Impacters taking out the Kiltgang. Nishibuko is among the Intercept Faction. To punctuate his stance, he shows Rita the back side of the moon, which has been destroyed by the Kiltgang. All three of them think the situation is hopeless, but honestly, to me it comes off as forced drama. Attack on Titan, as much as I didn’t connect to that show, seemed like a hopeless situation. At this juncture, it doesn’t feel like our characters are trapped just yet in Captain Earth.

"Say I'm not useless as a villain and I'll let her go!"
“Say I’m not useless as a villain and I’ll let her go!”

We actually spent time with Hana this episode, but I don’t feel like we actually learned much about her. Though I do feel like I dislike her character just a whisker less. I have a fairly innate hate for damsel in distress characters who at all other times are said to be powerful game changing characters. Akari is far more compelling than Hana at any time. It looks like next episode we are getting back to more combat in space. See you then!


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