The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 6 Recap – “Call My Name”

Livi I'm come to annoy youNope! Nope! Not doing it!

The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 6 Recap – “Call My Name”

You had one chance The World Is Still Beautiful, and you blew it. While this episode wasn’t nearly as horrendous as Episode 5, it did nothing to convince me to keep watching. I fully realise that there’s an audience for this show, and that’s perfectly fine, but it’s just not for me.

First off, Livius has a freaking cannon to “call Nike home”? I know it’s for the schtick/comedy factor, but it doesn’t help when I already see him as a pretty sexist character. Also, whoever did the ADR for this show forgot to get rid of the echo in the background. It sounds like a bunch of the dialogue was recorded inside a barn.

Anyways, Livius’ latest quest is to get Nike to call him by his real name, and not by “Majesty.” Before she can though, a girl around his age barges into the room and announces herself as Luna, his fiancee. She is the first daughter of the Ocean Kingdom, as well as a childhood friend of Livius. Well technically still a childhood friend because they are both like 13 years old. She’s not ACTUALLY engaged to the Sun King, she just THINKS they are engaged. And goddamn is her voice annoying.

Cut to Livius’ three councillors debating about which one they would take as a wife. “I would chose the young one.” One of them spouts. “A wife has to be young.” NO. I want to punch you in the nose. And then punch the mangaka in the nose. Those freaking title cards are back as well, but I can’t be assed to write them all out. I’m giving this as much effort as they did. Seriously, just put in a voiceover! What a horrible way to talk down to your audience.

How many ways can you say "stop?"
How many ways can you say “stop?”

So the rivalry is on, and Livius is the prize, and I couldn’t care less. Luna even calls Nike an out and out bitch. I don’t know if that was a translation goof by Crunchyroll or not. Don’t forget, Crunchyroll had “hahnest” instead of “harnest” for a whole episode of Brynhildr In The Darkness.

Luna is a completely unlikeable character with no redeemable qualities. She’s like that bratty cousin you had, that you always groaned about when you knew they were coming over. After challenging Nike to a horse race to a cliff, Nike has to end up saving her anyways because she falls off of it. Since she owes Nike her life, Luna gives her support for the marriage between Livius and Nike. Lastly, Nike finally calls him “Livi” and he sneaks a kiss from her. And yes it’s done in that creepy, kind of rapey way.

I’m done – I’m out, see ya. The only thing that kept me coming back in the first place was Nike, and she just isn’t that interesting anymore. None of the other characters interest me even in the smallest of manners and the plot is aimless at best. I’m not against overdramatic romance, as I’m particularly enjoying One Week Friends, but there has to be more than just that to keep me watching. In any case, bai bai The World Is Still Beautiful!


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