Black Bullet Episode 6 Recap – “Tragic Irony”

it's you?More like contrived irony, but what can yeh do.

Black Bullet Episode 6 Recap – “Tragic Irony”

So it seems that they changed the visuals for the opening theme song. It might have been better to do that next episode instead of this one. Spoilers in anime openings are nothing new, but usually they are a little better hidden than this one. For a good example, see Chaika – The Coffin Princess’ opening, which if you are paying attention, you’ll catch a quick clue on what kind of other Chaika’s we may meet in future episodes. Black Bullet’s new opening on the other hand – well it’s like that time in Digimon. You know, that time where the theme song showed Kari as the final Digidestined, 2 episodes before the show revealed she was the final Digidestined? Here it’s far too obvious that Tina will be joining Rentaro’s team eventually. It also ruins any tension we might have for this episode’s climax.

Here’s another issue as well; there’s a whole host of new characters that pop up during the OP, none of which we meet in this episode. This show only has 13 episodes total at the moment, and as far as I know a second season hasn’t been announced yet. At such a short run, don’t you think it’s rather late to start adding characters now? Black Bullet has so many flaws that stick out, but somehow I can’t bring myself to hate it so much. I’m not even sure why anymore.

But onto this episode’s plot! Rentaro and Tina meet up over some takoyaki (at least I think it’s takoyaki). She’s so far asleep that he has to feed her the food himself, which instead of coming off as cute, comes off as really creepy. Tina smiles and tells him “this is the first time I’ve had fun in a long time.” We know where THIS is heading! Somebody start the countdown to when she finds out that they are enemies! Her cell rings and she has to take off, but with the promise that they will meet up again soon. Once out of earshot, her master gives her a new target; Kisara.

Rentaro have sex - I mean, uh -
Rentaro have sex – I mean, uh – …….

Rentaro’s next stop is Miori’s, for an quick info session on the sniper from last night. He also asks her to look up info on Saitake, the head of Osaka area. He’s the overtly evil politician that met with Seitenshi last episode, and the man Rentaro believes is behind the assassination attempt. Miori agrees to it but only if “you give meh your boh-day.” Kisara is not amused.

Sumire is though. The slightly off kilter scientist is back! To Rentaro and Enju, Sumire was the CEO of the New Humanity Creation Plan, but in reality it was a co-op between four countries and four people to create a mechanized super soldier. Along with Sumire, the team consisted of Arthur Zanuck (Australia), Ayn Rand (America), and the project leader Albrecht Grunewald (Germany.) Really, Ayn Rand? Like the objectivist, author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead? I have a certain feeling Black Bullet doesn’t actually understand any of that and just wanted to include a cool name for a character. Much like the way Nobunagun decided to have “historic figures” like Gandhi fighting off giant aliens. Yup, because Gandhi totally was the best choice to include.

But back to the NHCPalooza Plan (totally it’s real name), which was dissolved once the powers of the Cursed Children was uncovered. Many of the leftover soldiers from the Plan became Promoters, like Rentaro and Kagetane. Sumire also asks Enju to stay behind as she needs to talk to her about something. Likely the fact her percentage is creeping closer to becoming a full fledged Gastrea. I’m waiting for that drama bomb to explode.

Tina is also getting briefed, this time about Kisara and her employees. The master mentions Enju and her partner who is – and then someone bumps into Tina knocking her phone out of her hand. Seriously? Stop yanking my chain and just let her know already. This just makes it more contrived than it actually needs to be. It’s not like it matters anyways, because she finds out in the very next scene.

Tina says hello
Tina says hello

She breaks into the Tendo office with a machine gun (ok that was kinda cool) and attacks Kisara head on. Kisara fights back with her sword and martial arts, but eventually Tina corners her. She hesitates to shoot her and Kisara deduces that she’s scared to kill someone, meaning she hasn’t done it before. Throwing the gun away, she begins to choke Kisara. Of course, Rentaro stops her before Kisara can die, and the inevitable confrontation between Tina and Rentaro occurs. It goes pretty much as well as you think it would. Both teams escape without too much injury to fight another day.

Kisara doubles over in pain, and has to be taken to the hospital. I had forgotten about this plot point and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Due to the shock of seeing her parents getting killed by the Gastrea, her kidney doesn’t properly function any more. She can only fight for short periods of time as a result. I’m willing to let most things slide in Black Bullet, but this I just can’t. This is completely contrived and feels like it was put there just to have a character that constantly needs to be saved. Yes, septic shock is a thing irl, but that is caused by a bacteria.

After that is addressed they go back to protecting Seitenshi, without giving Kisara any protection at all. She just proved that she needed to be saved from Tina. Why are you leaving her unguarded? *sigh* It’s time for another meeting between Seitenshi and Saitake, but before she can even get out of the car, Tina snipes one of Seitenshi’s guards.

After taking a bullet in the shoulder, Satomi, Enju and Seitenshi escape in the car, and take cover in a underground parking lot. Enju goes after Tina alone, but there’s some not so good news. Seitenshi looked up Tina Sprout in the IISO directory and her ranking is #97, while Enju’s is #1000. In addition Tina is an Owl Initiator (whatever that means) and like Rentaro, one of the mechanized soldiers from NHCPalooza (maybe not it’s real name).

Panicking, Rentaro calls Enju’s cell but it’s Tina who answers the line…DUN DUN DUN! Ok let’s get one thing straight – I don’t think for a second that Enju is actually dead. The opening theme song has Enju and Tina freaking smiling and holding hands as friends. Maybe if they didn’t include that I might have some apprehension for next episode. Instead, I’m just thinking of ways that the show can further lose me.


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