Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 6 Recap – “Red and White”

2 chaikasSecond season already announced!

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 6 Recap – “Red and White”

Awesome news already, as Chaika – The Coffin Princess has been announced for a second season coming this October! This is great, as they can take their time to flesh out the story and the characters, much as they are already doing. And after the events of this episode, I am super already pumped for Season 2.

The two Chaika’s meet at the waterfall for the hostage exchange. Both sides have taken precautions, as Red Chaika’s team has the Gundo set up in a sniper situation, and Toru has rigged a rope to Red Chaika that if pulled, will trigger explosive charges. Before they can complete the exchange they are attacked from above by Cockatrices, sent after them by Matheus of Gilette’s crew. They agree to hold off the exchange for now. Toru also gives Red Chaika her snake sword back so she can help them fight off the Cockatrices. Both teams shake off Matheus and Leonardo, as they lose the trail, and decide to rejoin Gilette in Perimeral. Leonardo has an interesting theory though: the emperor had dozens of daughters and named them all Chaika, so he was sure to have an heir. I don’t think that’s the actual case at all, but it would be interesting if it was.

Red Chaika vs a Cockatrice
Red Chaika vs a Cockatrice

At the Council of Six Nations, we check back in with Steinmetz of the Kliemann Organization, who is also Gilette’s boss at the Postwar Restoration Agency. Here’s a change in pace as well, as everyone we have met so far has placed so much importance in Chaika and her mission. The Council of Six Nations instead believes that it’s all rubbish and fantasy, and a colossal waste of time to pursue. As a result, Gilette and his entourage are pulled off the Chaika case in favor of regulating rural farming. Pretty funny, and sounds like something one of our politicians would do in real life.

Now clear of Gilette, all that’s left is to complete the exchange of Chaika’s. Red vehemently denies being a fake, but Toru doesn’t really care who is fake or not. His honour code as a Saboteur compels him to never betray the person that has hired him. He takes a certain pride in keeping to that code. I love how capably set up the lore of the Saboteurs is. It makes Toru’s decisions that much more believable. It also makes him the most interesting protagonist of this season of anime. Mushi-shi Season 2 may be the best series, but Ginko is more of a conduit than a protagonist, as is conducive to that show’s style.

Toru is not infallible however (another plus!) and we can see that he is tempted to join Red Chaika in her mission, since she can offer him something very important to him that White cannot (you’ll have to watch last episode to find out what it is). As they discuss, Fredrica perches atop the vehicle with very interested eyes…

Fredrica is listening...
Fredrica is listening…

The next exchange is set for that night in the Central Plaza in Perimeral. Will Toru decide to remain with White Chaika? What is the Dragoon up to? What I will reveal is that there’s more awesomely choreographed fight sequences that everyone gets in on.

This was an amazing episode that has made me decide to get this series once it comes out on DVD and/or Blu ray. There’s just so much going on in this show, but it’s done well enough that you don’t feel lost while watching it. They don’t spend long durations of time dumping exposition on you, but instead give you enough info to understand what’s going on. (Something I cannot say for Captain Earth!) I will continue to enjoy this next week!


2 thoughts on “Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 6 Recap – “Red and White””

    1. I’m hoping Funimation will pick it up, but I have no idea if they will. It has a similar vibe to FMA at times for me, so I think it might be up there alley. Plus I think Chaika has good mascot potential.

      Just hoping that Sentai Filmworks doesn’t get their hand on it!

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