Haikyu!! Episode 6 Recap – “An Interesting Team”

pfff sillyTonight’s theme is turnips.

Haikyu!! Episode 6 Recap – “An Interesting Team”

It’s time for the practice match against Aoba Josai, one of the top 4 schools in the prefecture. As we learned last episode, there’s some of Kageyama’s old teammates on Josai. Hinata is dealing with a different issue and that is his complete breakdown of nerves, as the importance of his play is continually heaped on his back.

Episode 6 begins with a confrontation between the Karasuno team and a couple of players from Josai, including a former teammate of Kageyama’s they hilariously dub “Turnip-kun.” Reining himself in, all Kageyama responds with is a solitary “yeah.” He’s getting better at this folks!

Super super nervous Hinata is so discombobulated that he is making constant trips to the bathroom to throw up. During one of them, he meets with Turnip-kun :P, and they agree about Kageyama’s self centeredness. They disagree however on his setter’s toss however. Hinata thinks it’s amazing and Turnip thinks it sucks. Turnip is confused; is there someone who can actually spike Kageyama’s high throw?

The match gets underway, and poor Hinata is so overwhelmed that he overdoes trying to receive the volleyball – including receiving for everyone. To make things worse, it’s Hinata’s serve when Josai only needs one more point to win the set. He is so jumpy that he hits the ball as soon as the whistle is blown – right into the back of Kageyama’s head. The first set goes to Aoba Josai.

Did you - hit me in the head - Hinata?
Did you – hit me in the head – Hinata?

Kageyama barely contains his anger and scarily tells Hinata that he shouldn’t be nervous anymore, the most frightening thing he could do is hit Kageyama in the back of the head again. Tanaka chimes in as well with the powerful combination of “you suck” and “you have teammates to help you out”. This seems to relieve Hinata of his pressure and his disposition returns to normal. Apparently all they needed to tell him was that he doesn’t need to do it alone. “Now call me Tanaka-senpai.” >_<

Kageyama and Hinata decide to start off the second set with a quick attack, but Hinata misses the spike, even with his eyes closed. And then a surprise from Kageyama – instead of berating Hinata he apologizes for the toss being too high. Hinata confides to Daichi that now that he is surrounded by a team with players better than him, he can believe in them instead of having only himself to rely on. I love how earnest and lovable a character Hinata has become. The second set is much more even matched, and Josai is beginning to take notice. The rival coach believes Kageyama’s change in attitude is because he went to Karasuno and not Aoba Josai. He was actually invited to Josai, unlike what he told us in episode 2.

In Karasuno, Tanaka watches you
In Karasuno, Tanaka watches you

The second set goes to Karasuno, prompting the rival coaches to dub them “an interesting team”. Not just because of the powerful combo of Hinata and Kageyama, but the various other cogs like Tsukishima, Tanaka and Sawamura. However, not all is good news as Aoba Josai’s regular setter decides to show up to the game just before the third set is going to start, setting up an interesting cliffhanger. Onwards to next week!


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