One Week Friends Episode 6 Recap – “Mothers Of Friends”

Fujimiya's mother“So have you held hands yet?”

One Week Friends Episode 6 Recap – “Mothers Of Friends”

Bad news for Hase and Yamagishi are they both scored lows on the last math test, and are now tasked with taking a make-up test. If their score on the make up test is lower than on the original test their answers will be photocopies and distributed to their classmates by Inoue their teacher. Doesn’t that seem a bit…I don’t know…wrong? Seems a bit mean for a teacher, but then again I don’t know what the Japanese school system is like.

All is good though, as Fujimiya will tutor Hase at her house. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be alone in her room.” Hase says to Shogo, trying to convince him to join them. “What were you going to do?” Shogo asks. “S-Study!” 😛 Sure you were Hase, sure you were! Yamagishi also asks Fujimiya for help in tutoring, so it’s all ok. For some unknown reason Shogo is still studying with them >_<.

Fujimiya’s mother Shiho is so overjoyed that her daughter brought friends over, that she decides to bake a cake. A break in studying leaves only Shogo and Fujimiya together in the room and the air is incredibly awkward. “Am I really that scary?” Shogo asks. “You’re about as scary as Hase is easy to talk to.” Fujimiya blushes. Yamagishi leaps to action (ok slouches to action, but you get my drift) and initiates mission “Fujimiya and Shogo to Become Friends!” 😛 This is all done semi-seriously, as in the end, both Shogo and Fujimiya agree they are friends, in their own particular ways.

Operation make Shogo and Fujimiya friends
Operation make Shogo and Fujimiya friends

As they leave Fujimiya’s house, her mother gives Hase a note to read later. After they part ways with Yamagishi, Shogo and Hase read the note. Fujimiya’s mother wants to meet with Hase after school tomorrow to speak to him about something. Shogo: “When does it start?” Hase: “She didn’t set a time.” Shogo: “Baka, I meant the make up test.” XD

At the meeting with Fujimiya’s mother Shiho, her first question is “why did you decide to talk to Kaori?” Her intent is not malicious though, as she wants to tell Hase what she knows about Fujimiya’s memory loss. When she was in sixth grade she was hit by a car on a red light. The doctors told Shiho that she only suffered a mild concussion, with her memory not being affected at all. Therefore, emotional baggage is most likely the real reason she forgets her friends. Shiho doesn’t truly understand it herself, as she always made friends easily, and nothing seemed to be off with her relationship to her friends. The accident happened on a Sunday evening (thus the reason why she forgets at that time) and she was on her way to see an important friend. In her mother’s opinion, some part of her mind is refusing to remember her friends for an unknown reason. She is thankful however, that Hase is such a loyal friend to her daughter. “So have you held hands yet?” She quips. 😀

We close on another sickenly sweet sentiment from Hase (who am I kidding, I loved it) that Fujimiya’s condition is a pain sometimes, but just to see her smile, he’ll muster up the courage to ask her to be her friend again – and again. Actually pretty heartfelt, to be honest. Smultzy of course, but not The World Is Still Beautiful. I can enjoy this way more due to the actually likeable characters after all!


I figured Fujimiya’s condition would be something psychological instead of an medical condition. It feels more realistic and less outlandish that way. It doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me that a person could have a mental block when it comes to friends. Something truly horrible must have happened to her in sixth grade. If it turns out to be something to do with a boy, I’ll definitely cringe, and mutter/complain for a bit, but I’ll get over it quickly enough. Honestly, what keeps me invested is the characters of Shogo and Yamagishi, both for their hilarious quirks. The Hase-Fujimiya first love plot is nice yes, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without Shogo quipping by the sidelines or Yamagishi formulating a new mission. Even so, I have one question: when’s the sad hammer going to drop in this series?


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