Captain Earth Episode 7 Recap – “The Midsummer’s Knights”

nakama rainbow powerSo stupid yet so enjoyable…

Captain Earth Episode 7 Recap – “The Midsummer’s Knights”

Captain Earth is so honestly stupid that it doubles back and becomes so much fun because it’s stupid. The intro to this episode demonstrates that perfectly. First off, Nishibuko’s hand is covered in bandages, just from pounding his fist into the wall from last episode. In this show, you don’t just smack a wall. You punch it until you bleed. Another thing is Moco – in lingerie……*shakes head and sighs*. Totally necessary right? Totally adds to the plot and character development of the show right?

Anyways, Moco and Amara are actually Designer Children created by Macbeth Enterprises, just like Teppei. So I’m slightly confused at the moment, as I’m not sure if they are or aren’t aliens. Do they just think they’re aliens and they are actually just machines created by humans? As I’ve said before, this show isn’t the greatest at explaining things. Their mothership is chilling out near the planet Uranus, but is immobile since it requires human “libido/orgone energy” to move closer to Earth. That’s another thing – do these aliens run on sexual innuendo or actual sex? It’s silly either way.

Nishibuko and crew are aware of all this, but aren’t going to tell HQ just yet. HQ’s first reaction would be to bomb Macbeth, which is in the heart of Tokyo. Still waiting for all this to come back and hit Nishibuko in the face. The situation is then compared to that of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I’ll give the show points for that I guess? I don’t actually think this show is as smart as it thinks it is though.

And then comes a line from Akari that it much more on the nose than I think the show realises. “It’s nice that you can talk to Pitz. It makes you seem like a heroine.” Akari, you are more right about Hana then you know. XD ~_~ Apparently Pitz has warned Hana that the Kiltgang are going to attack soon. Pitz also somehow knows the area, the location, and the time they are going to strike. Nope, sorry – I’m not buying it. I’m not walking down your Convenient Plot street. Yet, it seems fitting that the sidekick for a character with false importance suffers the same affliction.

Daichi is already in the cockpit of Earth Engine, raring to go. He’s also willing to admit that he’s scared – he’s just a kid after all. But if he doesn’t do this, who will? One of my fears was then realised – they are going to run that incredibly overstuffed transformation sequence every time there’s a space battle. It seriously takes longer for Earth Engine to transform than it does to have the actual battle. It’s hilarious considering that Teppei’s mech hasn’t even had a transformation sequence yet.

the kill-t-gang

The opponent this time is Moco, and at first it’s an even match. However, Amara soon joins the fight, outnumbering and dominating Daichi. Earth Engine takes heavy damage and loses some limbs. Hana wants Teppei to help out Daichi, but he’s scared changing into Albion will make it unable for him to return to the person he is. Akari slaps some sense into him (literally). Besides, they gotta eat melon tomorrow, right? HMM TASTE THAT CHEESE. 😛 I kid though, the cheese was pretty tasty.

So Teppei joins the fight, but it’s not all good news! Amara has a hold of Daichi, and Moco is going to shoot through all of them, including Teppei, to kill Daichi. Only Daichi will actually be killed since the rest of them all have Ego Blocks. Destroying an Ego Block is the only way for them to die, and they have to be hit directly. Moco fires away – but Teppei draws out his own Ego Block and uses it to shield the attack. Moco gets hit with the backfire and has to retreat. Please don’t make it so that these are our opponents every single episode. That would get boring FAST.

Akari used slap! It was super effective!
Akari used slap! It was super effective!

It’s nekkid Teppei time, as he is suddenly floating in blank space. I’m not sure that had any purpose other than to give us some manservice. >_< Nakama rage infuses into Daichi and punches Amarok so hard that he wins. Seriously. That’s all he does. Punches him once. It was so hilariously dumb that I think I liked it. Back on Earth, the cockpit for Albion’s controls opens slowly to reveal an alive Teppei – holding his own Livlaster. Westvillage adds that his vitals are all normal – for a normal human. So is he human now? Is he mortal or is he still immortal? I admit I’m curious to find out.

After a screen fade, Nishibuko has clued HQ in on all the proceedings, and they are completely fine with it all. So no consequences for keeping secrets from them and working against their wishes. None at all. In fact, not a lot of things are going wrong for any of the good guys. That’s why I can’t believe at all the “hopeless” situation they set up last episode. It just doesn’t seem that impossible for them to win against the Kill-T-Gang.

Teppei gives the Surprise necklace back to Daichi for beating Amarok. “You beat Amarok. You keep surprising me Daichi.” Daichi blushes in response. NOW KISS. Daichi, Teppei, Akari and Hana-looloo are dubbed the “Midsummer’s Knights” by Nishibuko and – pfffff hahahaha. I don’t care that Manatsu (Daichi’s last name) means “midsummer,” it’s still damn funny. They even get their own color coded uniforms.

I has gun too now.
I has gun too now.

Unfortunately it looks like the show might turn into a Monster of the Week type, judging by the next episode preview. I hope it doesn’t turn into that as it might lose some of it’s fun. It’s been a fun ride so far though!


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