Haikyu!! Episode 7 Recap – “Versus The Great King”

oikawaAn interesting team indeed…

Haikyu!! Episode 7 Recap – “Versus The Great King”

As the third set of their practice match against Aoba Josai (one of the top four schools in their prefecture) is about to start, Oikawa the official starting setter for Josai finally shows up. It’s tied at a set apiece, so the winner of this set takes the game.

He’s got a horrible personality, possibly even worse than Tsukishima’s, according to Kageyama. He’s also the player that Kageyama learned serving and blocking from. However, Oikawa is returning from an injury, so he has to go through a warm-up before he can join the game. The set carries on until it comes to 24-20 for Karasuno. They only need one more point to win the set and the game. However, it’s Oikawa’s time to join the game, and he’s up next to serve.

He fires a powerful strike directly at Tsukishima, which smacks off his arm and goes out. Oikawa already picked out Tsukishima and Hinata as the worst receivers on the team. His next serve gets the best of Tsukishima again. Hilariously Hinata gives Tsuki the same “we’re all teammates” speech that Tanaka gave last episode. Tanaka pops up: “what a beautiful adage!” Tanaka you crack me up.

Daichi rotates the positions so that he can cover the most defensive ground, forcing Oikawa to take some power off his serve if he wants to hit it towards Tsukishima again. Because of that, Tsukishima gets a hand on it. Oikawa doesn’t mind that either as it then becomes a chance ball for Josai, sailing back towards the Josai players for a spike. Or so they think. Turnip-kun (Kindaichi) winds up for the spike, but Hinata is there in a flash, getting just enough of the spike to slow it down. Kageyama lays up a toss for Hinata, who spikes it right past Oikawa’s left ear. Karasuno wins the match! I honestly didn’t think they would win the match. I knew it would be a close one, but I was expecting them to lose to Josai. The win prompts advisor Takeda, who is functioning as their “coach” to give a grandiose speech. “Sorry, that was a little too poetic! Are you turned off?” XD

I see you Oikawa....
I see you Oikawa….

During the wind-down, Turnip and Kageyama meet in the bathroom, but Kindaichi tells him not to apologize. He won’t apologize for his behaviour either. They weren’t friends before and they won’t be now. Kageyama only says one thing in response – “Next time, we’ll win again.” Emphasis on the “we.”

As the Karasuno teams makes their exit, Oikawa razzes them at the school gate. Their receiving will have to improve greatly if they are going to have any chance against Oikawa at the upcoming Inter High Preliminaries. His biggest rival in his mind is Kageyama, and he promises to “pulverize” him. Kageyama’s toss is better than his, but it doesn’t matter if the ball never gets to the setter in the first place. Captain Daichi just smiles in response though, as it seems that Karasuno has a player that hasn’t been introduced yet.

At their next home practice, Takeda tells Daichi that he’s got a lead for a real coach. It’s hinted that it’s the clerk at the convenience store with the bleached hair that we briefly met in episode 5. To really compete, Kageyama points out that the team needs an ace spiker (Tanaka is a decoy, not an ace) and a libero (especially for defense).

We also get another hint at the returning teammate that Daichi noted, as he appears to have something to do with a broken mop found in storage. Just who is this “guardian god of Karasuno?” Apparently he was suspended for a week from school and a month from club activities. Tanaka, who is no slouch himself in the fireworks department, says this guy is someone who gets really fired up about things.

One morning, Kageyama is practicing his serve with Hinata being the only other person there. As his serve sails forwards, someone jumps in front and perfectly receives it. Surprised, Hinata can only think to say “you’re shorter than me!” XD

The guardian god of Karasuno
The guardian god of Karasuno=

Next week it seems we get to meet this mysterious person, who is probably the “guardian god” they kept talking about. We’ll also get to meet the ace spiker that was needed it seems. All good with me! I like the characters and their senses of humour in this show, so I’m not expecting to find either of these two new characters bothersome. I also commend the show on having Hinata as the main character, but not leaving it up to only him to win the day. This is possibly the most fun show on the docket this season, and I hope it continues to be! 🙂


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