One Week Friends Episode 7 Recap – “Friends of ‘Ah’” and “Friends of ‘Whew’”

they all know haseDouble episode this week!

One Week Friends Episode 7 Recap – “Friends of ‘Ah’” and “Friends of ‘Whew’”

“Friends of ‘Ah’”

Fujimiya has made some additional progress between episodes. 🙂 She is not cold to her classmates anymore and asks Hase “are you Hase-kun?” every Monday before he can even ask her to be his friend. Hase likes the progress but regrets that the unique relationship he had with Fujimiya is getting to be less and less of one. Selfish Hase, selfish!

During a gym class, Yamagishi’s friends Ai Nishimura and Maiko Serizawa are giggling with Fujimiya about her relationship with Hase. They see right through both Hase and Fujimiya >_<. They also surprise Fujimiya by calling her their friend too. They even call her Kaori-chan. Things are definitely looking up!

At lunch, Hase asks Fujimiya for study help for finals. The one condition is that no one studies with them. Fujimiya has a look on her face that tells me she’s starting to clue in on Hase’s game. Then again, he’s not the most subtle person in the world. XD

New friends :)
New friends 🙂

After getting kicked out of the empty classroom by Hase, Shogo bumps into Yamagishi, who recognizes him but has forgotten his name. He introduces himself as Kiryuu, but doesn’t tell her his given name. She remarks that she feels she should remember his given name for some reason. Is there some past between these two that we don’t know about yet? Did Shogo used to bully her in school? Could these two be crushing on each other?

During the study session, Hase has a Freudian slip and calls Fujimiya “cute” twice. Then backpedals, because it wouldn’t be anime otherwise! 😛


“Friends of ‘Whew’”

My two favourite characters :)
My two favourite characters 🙂

In the second half of the episode, Hase is worried about the upcoming summer vacation and the prospect of not seeing Fujimiya for two whole weeks. Will she forget him completely? Will they have to start over again?

Shogo, ever the sensible one, tells him to remain calm and have some faith in her. Hase scrambles to think of something to do with Fujimiya over the break, but Shogo again advises him not to think about it too much. “We’re talking Fujimiya here. she’d be happy wherever you invite her.” Pretty much!

Jump forward to July 22nd, the last day before vacation, and Hase still hasn’t talked to her about it yet. Shogo gives him a kick in the back and a stiff “just go talk to her.” XD “I hope someday I won’t have to kick you again.” Mutter on Shogo, mutter on. 😀

Both Fujimiya and Hase are hopeless! >_< Hase didn’t ask until today, and Fujimiya just assumed that they would hang out regardless. Neither of them made any concrete plans though! They agree to meet on July 28th.

Hase shows up at Fujimiya’s house on the 28th, but only then does he realise that they didn’t organize a place to meet XD. Fujimiya’s already left home as well! You guys suck at this! 😛 Fujimiya’s mother has another hilarious line – “I’m actually pretty fond of unexpected developments like this!” If that doesn’t make them perfect for each other than I don’t know what does.


Of course she’s on the school roof, even with it not being in session. Hase is so happy to see her that he almost forgot that it’s a Monday. But it’s happily another step in the right direction. “I just naturally knew that you were Hase-kun. It didn’t feel like this was the first time we’ve met.” STAHP WITH THE AWW YER GONNA MAKE ME OVERLOAD WITH SQUEE 🙂

Stay for the after credits sequence, it’s pretty adorable, as Fujimiya gives Hase a present for his birthday. But seriously guys, when’s the sad hammer gonna hit? As much as I’m enjoying the show I can’t help but feel it’s going to get depressing at some point. Hopefully I’m just being overly apprehensive!


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