Black Bullet Episode 7 Recap – “In the Still of the Moonlit Night, the Dawn Sky”

bad..zzzzIt’s over 12900%!!!!

Black Bullet Episode 7 Recap – “In the Still of the Moonlit Night, the Dawn Sky”

Last episode closed with Enju supposedly being disposed of by Tina Sprout, due to her significantly higher power level. Keep in mind this power level will not matter later in this episode >_<.  I think we all knew that Enju wasn’t really dead, even without the theme song being a massive spoiler machine. This time, we have Tina standing beside Kisara like a partner team…in a line of Initiator-Promoter teams. *facedesk*

It seems like 70% of this show is people spending time in hospitals, but never having serious enough injuries for it to continue more than one episode. I’m not counting Kisara’s condition, as it’s only mattered for one episode’s plot so far and is just there for the sake of drama. This episode it’s Enju who’s in the hospital bed. She’ll be alright in a couple of days. You can turn down the sad music guys.

There’s going to be another meeting between Saitake and Seitenshi at 8 pm tomorrow night, much to Rentaro’s disbelief. He’s also come to the same realisation that Kisara did last episode – Tina is trying her best to merely incapacitate people, and is not outright killing them. Seitenshi’s head guard approaches him in the limo to rub some salt in the wound, but Rentaro grabs him and demands he make out a fake protection plan for the meeting.

Rentaro calls in a favor from Miori, and trains in her virtual simulation chamber. He’s going to fight Tina, even with Sumire telling him not to. I mean, her power level is 12900% more than Rentaro’s. And no, I’m not exaggerating. This is exactly how the show explains the situation to us. And it’s freaking hilarious. I think the creators saw the “over 9000!” joke from Dragonball Z.

Enju, did you know it's over 129000???
Enju, did you know it’s over 129000???

Tina’s master turns out to be Professor Rand, one of Sumire’s counterparts that she spoke of last episode. Pretty much confirming that the show called this character Ayn Rand just to sound cool. The Professor is angry at her for not actually killing anyone. If she fails again, she’ll just have to kill herself. Literally. Ya, this show isn’t going to win any awards for writing. Good thing it makes up for that in the action factor, though Chaika – The Coffin Princess still has it firmly beat in that area.

It’s showdown time between Tina and Rentaro. Rentaro fights through her automated surveillance cameras, remote control mounted machine guns and hand-held sniping, eventually coming face to face with her. Tina corners Rentaro easily, also making sure we reach the quota of Rentaro spitting up blood once every episode. Okay, it’s not every episode but it’s damn close to that.

Tina is about to shoot him (for reals), when a vision of Enju screaming “Rentaro!” activates a flash bomb that previously did not go off, blinding Tina. “Is this a miracle you created Enju?” Screw off, seriously. Bullshit nakama power aside, Rentaro pummels her through several floors, trapping her under a few pieces of rubble. He doesn’t kill her though, returning the favor for not killing Enju. As they exit the building, Rentaro carrying her in his arms – Seitenshi’s head guard Yasuwaki shoots Tina in the chest. Saw that one coming!

I'm totes evil but I'm going to join your teammmmm
I’m totes evil but I’m going to join your teammmmm

Let’s follow the show’s logic here for a second. Enju is ranked 1000, and gets owned by Tina. Rentaro isn’t ranked anywhere close to Enju. Takes out Tina pretty quickly. He’s then restrained easily by two of Yasuwaki’s guard pals. It just doesn’t feel all that well planned out to be honest. Anyways, Yasuwaki is about to finish Tina off, when Seitenshi steps in to stop him. She heard he was acting on his own accord and against her own will. In return for saving her, she raises Rentaro’s rank to 300, giving him access to state secrets and ranking him higher than Yasuwaki. He proceeds to shoot off Yasuwaki’s finger before telling him to get lost. Good to see you’re using that newfound power to a good end there Rentaro. :/

One week later, Rentaro unfortunately could not find any evidence connecting Saitake and Rand. Tina is now working for Tendo (told you), as Kisara hired her straight away. I would have been surprised, but you know….IT WAS IN THE FREAKING THEME SONG!!! And what about all those new characters spotlighted in the opening, are we meeting them soon? It’s episode 8 next, and there’s only 13 slated. Otherwise, this show has become pretty predictable. It’s still got it’s moment of fun and fast action, but mostly it’s not as enjoyable as when I first started watching it.


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