Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 7 Recap – “The Valley of No Return”

in the fog“Driving!” *throws dried fruit at Toru*

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 7 Recap – “The Valley of No Return”

Chaika sort of reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist in the way that it has many running storylines, good action sequences matched with equally good comedy, and a strong ensemble cast of characters. This comparison could be way off the mark; it probably is. But I think that speaks to how good I think Chaika is so far. I have confidence that it will continue to be so.

This week Guy is back with more information for Chaika. The next hero they have to track down is a fellow named Simon Scania. He was a wizard of the Koenigsegg Empire, last seen 4 years ago in the town of Rademio. Toru gets the feeling that they are being led into a trap, or at the very least being deceived by Guy. Guy’s response is a mysterious one: he is just a messenger, but it’s good that they are apprehensive, as it’s the most desirable outcome.

Guy = creepy
Guy = creepy

In Rademio, they are given a tip about the Valley of No Return, where no one has gone to and returned from for four years. Coincidence? I think not! In addition, the valley has been covered in a dense, unbreakable fog.

Gilette’s team is also briefed about Scania, and they are already in the town of Rademio. Gilette remarks that there is something off about all the heroes that took down Emperor Gaz. Scova died soon after the battle, Abarth went power crazy, and Scania disappeared into thin air. Matheus (the one who can control animals) has located Chaika and the Saboteurs, so it’s showdown time between the two groups.

escape by dragoon

It’s Vivi and Gilette versus Toru, while Nikolai and Leonardo versus Akari. Chaika is neutralized in the fight as she can’t get a shot off properly. Gilette is proven to be more of a match for Toru as well, which is the first time we’ve seen Toru struggling against an opponent. He hasn’t always been dominant against opponents but it always seems like he is at least an even match. Before things can get too out of hand though, Fredrica grabs our protagonists and gets out of dodge. They reach the valley, and they begin to walk down the side of the ravine. Suddenly the rock underfoot breaks and they tumble down into the fog, with Fredrica flying down after them.

Wait..what's going on here?
Wait..what’s going on here?

Chaika and Toru wake up in a cell together, and Toru recalls having the same dream of falling off that cliff again. Akari should have been the one to survive and not him. Chaika professes her love for him and does the same in return. They vow to carry on the mission for their fallen comrades. Just what is going on here!? (Sorry, not telling yeh!) But I have to say, it’s pretty hilarious. And also kind of sad. Then hilarious again.


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