Captain Earth Episode 8 Recap – “Sign From The Dark”

Daichi! There's turning your show into a boring monster of the week!
Daichi! There’s turning your show into a boring monster of the week!

Losing interest in this show to be honest….

Captain Earth Episode 8 Recap – “Sign From The Dark”

Following last episode’s show of force by Moco and Amara, President Kube’s confidence is shaken (though he won’t admit it). He thought he had complete control over the two Designer Children. In the aftermath of that Episode 7 Battle, both their mechs (and Earth Engine as well) are out of commission for a bit. They’ll have to use their back up mechs instead. Oh, poor babies.

Pitz has already predicted the next splurge of Orgone energy, as well as the next place the aliens will strike. Teppei’s thought is that Moco and Amara are going to try to recruit the other five Designer Children. Nishibuko’s mandate: their new mission is to halt this plan in it’s tracks. Their first stop is the Odaiba casino.

Inside the casino we meet an dealer named Zin. His demeanour, long red hair and overdramatics make it obvious that he is the Kiltgang Daichi and co were sent to find. After telling our four heroes that he has no friends….a friend named Naoko shows up. Naoko is an old classmate of Zin’s. Only seventeen, Zin dropped out of school because he didn’t feel like he fit in. That and some drama over another classmate taking credit for a prize winning photo of Naoko. “In the end, I’ll never hold anything in this hand,” he sighs. Oh puhleez.

Zin smiled once...
Zin smiled once…

While Naoko and Zin are talking, Daichi has a quick confrontation with Amara at the docks. It doesn’t really matter apart from the fact that it’s firmly establishing that Amara and Moco are our Team Rockets for this show. They show up in every episode after all. Also, this is the first of two times that Akari and Hana are sidelined from the plot and action for this episode.

Elsewhere Zin has a secret meeting with the casino owner, who has heard a rumor that Zin can make the ball land in any square peg he wishes. Which points to psychic powers, but we don’t see any indication of that later in the episode. As usual I’m confused about what is what in this show. Amara and Moco crash the party though, and she awakens his memories – by kissing him on the lips. *facedesk* *throws water bottle at the wall* WTF >_> His real name is Zimbalt, and he blasts off in his mech to fight Daichi.

Amara and Moco want him to fend off Daichi and then escape within the time that it will take them to collect to Orgone Energy, but he’s already crazy with the new found power. His focus is to outright kill the Earth Engine Ordinary (the back up mech for Daichi). Which means he’ll fit the quota for the full out insane character. I have no hate for these characters, but not a huge amount of love for them either.

Zimbalt in his mech
Zimbalt in his mech

He also has a secondary power like Teppei does; he can knock out all electricity within a small area, stopping Daichi’s mech and Akari’s hacking attempt. It’s ok though, as Daichi shoots him once with the Livlaster and wins the battle. Just once. Zimbalt uses the Kiltgang official maneuver of running away. Seems like they do a lot of that. Good job making your villains actually imposing! It’s probably because it’s the exact same villains every episode!

Kube isn’t the only one whose confidence is down this episode, as Teppei is feeling low as well. He’s sad that he’s the only one on the team that isn’t doing anything to help. Actually Teppei, Hana didn’t do diddly squat this episode. The prediction came from Pitz’s powers, not hers. Otherwise, she was in the episode for no particular reason. So par for the course.

I’m not sure my interest level for Captain Earth is still high enough for me to continue watching it. The new direction doesn’t feel as fun as the show was when it first started, and the whole monster of the week plot direction is pretty boring. I’m not quite ready to can it totally yet, but it’s next on my hit list if this continues.


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