Baby Steps Episode 8 Recap – “One Year and Twenty Notebooks”

the grid in actionA whole year passes by in this episode…

Baby Steps Episode 8 Recap – “One Year and Twenty Notebooks”

Literally a year in Eichiro’s life passes by in this episode, as we go all the way from the last Kanagawa Junior Circuit Tournament to the following years iteration of the same tournament. Following Eichiro’s gradual progression of course. Honestly, I don’t mind the time hopping, as we are getting to the point where Eichiro will start to win and work his way up in the tennis world. We’ve had plenty of set-up episodes to this point, so I can easily believe his rapid progression over the 24 minute episode. As such, we gonna bullet point this one up!

– The time dash begins at the 21st Otowa Tennis Championship, where he wins his first two matches (his first two ever!) but gets knocked out in the third round. There’s two consequences that stem from this tournament though, one personal and the other professional. Professionally he is slowly becoming known as “the kid from STC with the notebook”, and personally his mom is starting to become worried about how tennis will affect his performance at school.

– After some initial embarrassment, he starts calling Natsu “Nat-chan” instead of Takasaki-kun, since they’ve become such close friends. We all know it’s a matter of time before they end up together. 🙂

Got Natsu on the brain?
Got Natsu on the brain?

– His muscle mass is starting to grow, as is noticed by his classmate Sasaki. Oh how she notices.

– Takuma alerts him that Miyagawa and Araya (two of the top seeds in the prefecture) are going to practice at STC later that day

– he heads to STC as soon as he gets home, troubling his mother even more. She’s happy that he is taking an interest in something on his own, but still values his school work more.

– He practices rallies with both Araya and Miyagawa, but notices that he needs to do so much more to catch up to them, and Takuma

– He stops going to cram school so that he can focus more on tennis

– His exams finals lands him in sixth place in his class as a result

– At the New Year’s Festival with Kageyama, Natsu and Natsu’s sister, he makes a New Year’s wish: To make it past the third round.

The top 3 seeds in the prefecture
The top 3 seeds in the prefecture

– In the new school year, Kageyama, Sasaki, and this time Takasaki, are all in his class!

– He can’t break through in his next tournament and loses in the third round again

– We close on the first day of the Kanagawa Junior Circuit Tournament. It’s his chance to finally break through

Not the greatest episode of Baby Steps but it did what it needed to. It progressed the story and got up to the point where the story will really start to take off. From here on in, it’s all matches all the time. I’m excited! But hopefully they don’t make every match last 10 episodes XD


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