Black Bullet Episode 8 Recap – “The Monument On The Border”

crane games!It’s finally time to meet (some of) those other characters. But first..crane game. 

Black Bullet Episode 8 Recap – “The Monument On The Border”

There’s trouble a brewing at one of the Monolith’s that protect the city from the overflow of Gastrea. An army of Gastrea ants are attacking it full force, and have taken out the garrison defending it. A looming Gastrea seems to be leading them, as it makes it way towards the giant structure.

Elsewhere, Rentaro and Kisara have become teachers for the Cursed Children (the ones that we saw in Episode 3). Before they can get into any actual teaching, Seitenshi arrives with the bad news. The Gastrea we saw is a Stage Four known as Aldeberan. As an effect of it’s attack the Monoltih will be destroyed in six days; it will crumble to the ground and it’s magnetic field will be nullified. Exactly what Aldeberan did to it is not explained yet, but I’m sure they’ll get to that in time.

Construction has already begun on a new Monolith, but it will take 9 days to complete. The three day gap is enough for the 2000 Gastrea waiting in the area to invade and infect the entire city. Something else is at play here, as regularly Stage Fours should not be able to withstand the Monoliths. Seitenshi has an order/request (ok, an order) for Rentaro; round up a team of civil officers to fight the Gastrea.

The night before he has to recruit his fellow civil officers, he and Tina have a talk. We learn that he and Kisara didn’t set up the Tendo Agency out of revenge against the Gastrea, but rather the revenge was directed at the humans who despised the Cursed Children. The next morning it’s reported that the leader of the anti-Cursed Children movement was assassinated by what appears to be the handiwork of a Cursed Child. Consequently, the New Gastrea Law (that’s been in plot limbo the last few episodes) is in jeopardy of passing.

A begging Cursed Child
A begging Cursed Child

But forget all that – it’s time for wacky mall shenanigans with Tina XD. Uh dude, Rentaro – didn’t you need to recruit people? You know before that six days is up? Not to mention there’s apparently no fallout from Tina just up and dumping Ayn Rand as her master. It’s like it’s consequence free the show!!

The two run into a beggar Cursed Child, who has poured lead into her eyes since her mother didn’t like her red eyes. Her mother abandoned her anyways. I’ll give the show one thing, at least they’ve set up the hatred and fear for the Cursed Children well. As the girl sings, a march against Cursed Children proceeds just outside the mall. The New Gastrea Law has been rejected. (Who wants to bet that will be reversed in the next few episodes?)

Tina and Rentaro FINALLY get to rounding up civil officers, and the first we meet are a brother sister pair of Tamaki and Yuzuki Katagiri. Apparently everyone else that Rentaro has visited has turned him down due to his quick rise in the ranks. Show don’t tell Black Bullet! You could have shown us that instead of the giant detour that was the mall! Instead of playing the crane game, we could have met more than one civil officer in this episode!

After a short fight in which the Katagiri’s prove they are no match for either Rentaro or Tina, they agree to join with Rentaro and fight the horde of Gastrea. Yuzuki is a spider type, and uses spider threads to trap her enemies. Tamaki’s main weapon is his varanium chainsaws on his knuckles.

The Katagiri's
The Katagiri’s

This feels like the first episode in a bunch that will lead up to the big battle at the Monolith. We’ll meet more of the characters shown in the opening next episode, then perhaps the next one or the one after will be the actual battle. I’m not sure I can get a handle on the pacing of this show to be honest. Some weeks it’s so abruptly fast that nothing can properly be explained or digested, and other weeks it’s so stalled that you wonder what they’re doing trying on dresses in the mall for. It’s almost like they didn’t plan it out so well! It doesn’t matter too much, as I’m still invested enough in where Black Bullet is going to stick around for now.


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