One Week Friends Episode 8 Recap – “The Beach With Friends”

sunset at the beachThe calm before the storm…

One Week Friends Episode 8 Recap – “The Beach With Friends”

It’s summer vacation and Fujimiya and Hase want to take a trip to the beach. Hase would love it just to be him and Fujimiya, but she invites Shogo and Yamagishi of course! The show also keeps hinting at a past relationship between Shogo and Yamagishi, whether it was friendly or romantic. I’m probably reading way too much into this, but last episode Yamagishi kept saying she should remember his last name for some reason. In this episode, Shogo knows her number, even though neither Hase nor Fujimiya have it. It could be only that he has his old phone directory. Or is there something more to this?

As soon as the four reach the beach, it unfortunately starts raining that exact moment. Yamagishi is as oblivious as ever though :P, and goes about her way making sand castles and throwing beach balls. While nothing much is happening this episode, it’s a nice break from all the drama in the last few episodes, and the major drama that is soon to come. If you read the manga you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Yamagishi don't care that it's raining
Yamagishi don’t care that it’s raining

Since the beach is out of the question, it’s off to the arcade. It’s also one of the two shows this week that features a crane game. The other was Black Bullet. Hase the romantic tries his best, but Shogo swoops in and wins for him instead. He’s a mischievous bastard isn’t he? After that it’s onto the picture booth! Finally the rain stops and they return to the beach.

Shogo and Fujimiya are sent to get food for lunch. As soon as they are gone Yamagishi teases Hase about his attachment to Fujimiya; “I get to hug Kaori all the time,” she grins. At the same time, Shogo questions Fujimiya about her feelings for Hase. He sees that she’s blushing in embarrassment profusely, so he let’s it go instead of pursuing it too much.

"Pictures With Friends"
“Pictures With Friends”

After a fun night of fireworks (aren’t kids not supposed to be able to buy fireworks?) and almost confessions (Fujimiya tells Hase that she likes…. – fireworks XD) summer vacation is nearing it’s end. It’s then that a new challenger enters the ring; a new kid is back in Tokyo after a few years away. If you follow the manga you already know who this is and where it’s going. If you don’t, just know that the sad hammer is about to drop!

Again, since it’s a mid-season episode, it’s a very relaxed and straightforward episode that’s there for set up for the episodes to come. It’s also the calm before the storm. Again, not the best episode of the series, like Baby Steps this week, but it got it’s point across.


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